Friday, August 2, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time for FAT {5 on Friday Link Up}


I'm going to be linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday!

Today my 5 is going to be about healthy food must haves!
 If you know anything about me, you know I look forward to Fridays cause 90% of the time I have the day off and the hubs always has it off (lucky duck). Every other Friday we go grocery shopping, and I LOVE IT! Not the spending money part, BUTTTT I like our guaranteed time together and we always make a day out of it and take our time and have fun. Also if you know me, you know I'm a bit of a health nut. I like being healthy now!!

So today my 5 are going to be my top 5 healthy grocery shopping staples!!!

1. Sweet Potatoes:
these beauties are freaking delish. I love it as a hash, fries, chips, or any edible delicious form!! I went forever thinking I hated them and then gave them a try again and BOOM we are BFF's!

2. Chobani Bite Expresso and Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt
Oh lawddddy! 
I can't express my desires and the dirty things this yogo makes me want to do. I want to be dipped in a vat of it and left for dead. 
Thats a perfect death right there.

3. Salsa
I put it on everything. 
I love it hot and spicy so my eyes water (thats what she said..)
When in doubt salsa it out.
I think I've been lied to my whole life and I'm really not Irish, I'm really just an albino Mexican....
You got some 'splainin to do!

4.  Mrs. Dash.
She is my home girl.
Fo rizzle my nizzle.
 I love her salt free mixes. They sure make eating a farm full of chicken each week less bland and repetitive. Yeah we eat some much chicken
 I'm surprised I havent grown feathers..

5. Kind Bars
Be kind, rewind.
These protein bars have me wrapped around their little finger. 
Chocolate and Sea Salt has to be my faveee!
They are delish!!! Oh the things I would do for a kind bar... 
What would you do-oh-oh for a Kinnnd Bar.

Whats your health food must have??

Weekend plans anyone??

We are hoping to get our new mattress this weekend, this dang rain we have been getting has been interfering....


No not that...

FINE, I'll tell you.


I'm so excited to run it and have blast lighting up the night decked out in my sweet gear! Ha! Beware a lot of pictures will be added afterwards!


(IG- ms_st4tus)

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