Monday, August 26, 2013

I Lint Roll My Dog...Confessions of A Closet Clean Freak

With all this talk in the blog world about being a clean freak or OCD about deep cleaning. I decided it's time I come out of the closet....

Hello, I'm Jessi and I'm a Clean Freak

Hello Jessi

So it's out there. 

Here's the dirty dirty or in this case the clean clean...

I cannot stand a dirty house. 
I get it most people can't, but I mean, the littlest things annoy the crap out of me.

A cup beside the sink instead of in it- annoying.
Toilet paper not put on the dispenser, just left somewhere else- annoying.
A piece of trash left on the counter- annoying.
Shoes just kicked off and not put to the side - annoying.
Food left on plates and put in the sink - annoying.
Not closing the microwave door all the way - annoying.
Unmade bed - annoying.
Wrinkled rug - annoying.
No air freshener - annoying.
Sticky spots on the counter - annoying.
Crumbs on the floor and walking on them - annoying.

You get the idea.

I clean my house every couple of days. The main reason is because my hubby works in a dirty place and we have a short hair chihuahua. She has white hair. It shows up on EVERYTHING.

I give her a bath and she clogs the drain. 
I dry her off and hair flies. I still love her and wouldn't trade her for anything, so I lint roll her. Yeah I take a lint roller and run it up and down her back.
Maybe I'm crazy.

But it helps.

It gets a lot of her loose hair out.

She thinks its petting.
She's not that smart.

I also lint roll the furniture.

I use a lot of lint rollers...

Every few days when I clean the house, I do the same routine.

Lysol the kitchen and bathroom counter tops.
Scrub sinks, toilets and bathtubs... I also clean my sponge holder... is that weird?
Change the trash.
Use screen cleaner on tv's and computers.
Lysol the Fridge, Stove and Microwave.
Dry swiffer the floors, use the hose on those floors, than swiffer wet jet said floors.
Vacuum the floors, the furniture, the rugs, the corners of the walls and the curtains. Then I vacuum the the hose part of the vacuum  and clean off the vacuum.
Then I wash the rugs and febreeze the whole house and light a candle.
If I could drown my house in febreeze I would be okay with that.

I like a clean house, I can't help it.

I also go on random deep cleaning binges.

Like putting away the groceries turns into cleaning out the cabinets and reorganizing them all.

Putting away clothes turns into going through my closet and getting rid of clothes and re-organizing  it in general.

Dusting turns into polishing.

And every few weeks, vacuuming turns into shampooing the carpets..

Do I have issues?


Where does my cleaning obsession come from?

My mom runs a cleaning business where she cleans residential and business. Our house was always clean. I may have not liked it or appreciated it when I was younger, but once I started living on my own, the cleaning gene kicked into full swing.

To me there is nothing better than coming home from work to a clean fresh smelling house and crawling into a nice and neat bed. Or to be able to lay on the floor and not have dirt grind into your face. To walk across the kitchen floor and not have crumbs stick to your feet and feel like you walked across the desert. 

Do I judge others on how they clean their house? 

Absolutley not!!! Your house is your house, if it pleases you, good for you. I just have to have my house a certain way or well I'd probably have a melt down.

Pssst, guess what, I just cleaned my house... I feel good.

What's your crazy obsession that you don't share with everyone??



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