Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What My Workouts Look Like & A Workout For You

Hey hey hey!!

Its Wednesday.

And on Wednesday's we were pink.

I've been quoting Mean Girls like its my job as of late. I'm gonna have to break down and watch it sometime soon. Does anyone else out there watch old movies and quote it as the movie goes along?


Guess I'm just that big of a weirder.

Oh well.

So a lot of you have been asking about what I'm doing workout wise.

We'll I've been following Michelle Davis's program she designed for me. Its been great. She's a highly demanded coach for a reason. I can't release my workouts in great detail, legally, yeah theres a clause in it that says that! And I respect her for that, its her business and if you can get it for free, why pay for it? But I can go over what I'm doing in general with you. And I'm even gonna give you a work out that I do on my off day's that I created. Yeah I can't get out of the gym even on my 'rest' days.

Heres the break down.


30 minutes of cardio between step-mill, bike and elliptical and two days a week I run on the treadmill.

After cardio I go straight into lifting. Each Day I have a specific focus. Arms, Legs, Back, Shoulders, and Chest.  I work through about 6 or so different sets.

Simple right?


Her sets are made to carve out results and burn.

She calls them Supersets.

So like for example I might have 4 sets of 15 Bicep curls, but its a Superset with 10 heavy dead lifts. So I do 15 bicep curls and drop the weights and immediately start in on the dead lifts, then rest for about 30 seconds and then repeat 4 times. Its intense and it really adds a severe burn.

I work through my sets and then at the end I finish with a simple ab routine. Twists, sit ups, Russian Twists, ect.

Then 3 days a week I work my abs hard on top of that days workout.

The workouts generally take about an hour for me to complete and I feel every minute in it.

But I also feel like a total bad ass when Im done.

Ladies, please do not be scared to lift, you wont get super crazy balloon animally, but you will shred fat and tone up faster than just cardio alone! 

Now a little full body burner for you!

Warm Up:
10 Minutes Eliptical 
10 Minutes Step Mill

4 Sets of Each:

15 Bicep Curls

10 Bench Dips

10 Fly's

15 Rows

10 Captain's Chair Leg Raises

10 Tricep Pull Downs on the Machine

15 Body Weight Squats

Finish with 2 Sets of Each

30 Second Plank, 10 Push Ups

50 Stick Turns, 20 Russian Twists.

Now walk out like a BOSS!


Whats Your favorite weight training activity?! 

I love Rows, squats and french curls!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
 Go Lift Something HEAVVVYYY!!!



  1. hahahahah, so I'm not the only one doing more reps when there are people in the gym? #winning

  2. that def looks bad ass! I am on Month 2 of Jamie Eason LiveFit program and it is kicking my butt. This year, I'm focused on intervals and strength training, with some hot yoga mixed in for good measure : )

  3. No, you're not the only one that quotes movies... mostly my favorite movies, but I can quote just about any movie while I'm watching it... It drives people crazy! lol

  4. Yaaay for lifting! I love deadlifting and squats the most! :)