Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sweet Sweet Childhood.

My Childhood rocked.

Flat out, don't argue with me.

Kids these days don't know what the freak they are even missing out on. I mean okay cool, you have you iPad and digital camera messaging device thats also a coloring book or w.e. And while you play that you get a lame Capri Sun. 


Sucks to suck.

No I'm not picking on little kids like some weird creeper bully.

But I'm about to tell you why growing up in the 90's rocked my socks off. And stuff that I can't believe is freaking gone...

I loved this show with an extreme passion. And I like to draw along with him! My stuff always looked like a mutated version of his, but Hell I tried and it was fun!

Admit it.
 You hoarded these and loved smelling them. That probably explains a lot about me right here.. I spent the 1st-6th grade getting high off scented markers while they taught me math. And admit it, the brown one didn't smell like chocolate it smelled like poop.

I was cool and had a whole bunch of them and each one of my fingers had a crazy indent in them. I would attempt to balance five on one hand as I cringed in pain from the point little devil beaks.

Keep your Capri Sun new babies, I miss my Orbitz Soda and Surge. I was OBCESSED with Orbitz, what are those little balls even made of!?!? My big sister got one and so of course I had to get one too! And then I was hooked.

And Surge was like liquid crack for kids. So much sugar. No wonder I had a weight issue...

These are just a few of the awesome things I miss. 

Now Im a totes loser and I have a strange obsession with meme's and I spend Incredibly too much time looking at them, but I'm going to flood you with some great ones that 90's kids will get.

Okay, okay I'm done!

But don't lie you enjoyed this!

And FYI I love the movie the Labyrinth. 

If you want to be my best friend, eat popcorn and watch Princess Bride and Labyrinth with me and sing and quoted it. 

Yeah then we will be best friends fo' life.

True Story.

Whats something you miss from the 90's?

Got a funny meme? Give me a link, tag me in it, email it, whatever!--I wanna see it!

As always 


  1. The 90's were my favorite! I was rocking out to my 90's playlist last night. I miss 90's Nickelodeon, music, and clothes. I still wear my smiley face earrings I bought in 1996- no shame!

  2. OMG... We were just discussing Orbitz the other day! I miss them. My mom wouldn't buy me any, so I would save to buy my own. It was such a treat! Lol

  3. I sure did love that Surge! I can practically taste it after seeing that picture of it lol! The 90's were awesome!!!

  4. Surge was the SHIT. I also miss 90's Nickelodeon - All That, Legends of the Hidden Temple? I also wanted Nickelodeon Magazine. And I miss my jelly shoes.

  5. Love this post! I remember Orbitz so good.

  6. Can we just go back to the 90s and write in our Lisa Frank notebooks with milky pens and watch legends of the hidden temple and be so jealous because Dawson and his friends were just so damn awesome?!?! Thanks for the throw back.... and the slight depression that I have to live in the grown up world now, lol. love your memes!! Now I know the purpose of those slippery log things existing ;)

  7. "you remind me of the babe, what babe, the babe with the power...." you're singing it now I just know it