Monday, January 20, 2014

Fear Not the Supplements & Weekend Recap

Good mooorrrnnnniiiinnnnngggg Wisconsin!!

Today is my first day back to work since Wednesday, oh yeah I cashed in on some PTO and had Thursday-Sunday off. It was nice, but now I was getting stir crazy. I need structure and schedules in my life to keep me from going all cray cray and ripping peoples faces off. 
True story.
 It happened once. 
Not really but it helps me street cred. 


So lets go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room here...

After a gruesome and intense game...the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!!! And Super Bowl Sunday is the hubs 25th Birthday! Crazy enough, 25 is his favorite player too...cue eire music.

So this weekend was a whirlwind of things for the hub and I. Friday we went to the big ole city of Salina, I got my hair done while the hubs got fitted for a tux for a friends wedding. 

After that I got to go on a mini shopping spree.

I picked up a plethora of Quest Bars, some Cellucor Super HD, a Six Pack Bag a tee from The Buckle, a Under Armour Headband, Nike Tee and Nike Pro Tights all from Dicks Sporting Goods.

It was a good day. 
We finished off with dinner and grocery shopping.

Its funny. 

A year ago a shopping spree for my chubby butt would involve cupcakes, sweat pants, movies and other necessities for doing nothing.
 Now its all geared towards fitness.

Oh how the tables have turned.

Saturday, we stayed in bed till we felt like getting up, I did some light meal prep for the upcoming week and we lounged around the house. I tell you we really are pretty boring for a 22 and a 24 year old. Sunday was game day! We got up and watched the Bronco's game, made a California Kitchen thin crust pizza and watched the Seahawks game.
That game was intense, I chewed off my nails and the hubs threw the remote a few times. But oh holy damn it was a good game and luckily we pulled away with a win.  Then the hubs went to his video game world and like every night, I hit up the gym to continue my half marathon training.

Now let's talk Supplements.

I get asked about what I take, how often and why. I'm not scared of supplements, I eat healthy and workout and there are just things that doesn't hurt your body to have extra of.

The Cheat Pill- This is a carb blocker, I like to take this with my cheat meals or when I'm away from home and have a meal thats heavier than I'm used to. 
CTS 360 Max- This is just a fat burner and appetite suppressant, I take these once every few days, when I'm feeling extremely hungry.
Advocare Omegaplex(Fish Oil)- I take these daily for the Omega. Which is good for your heart.
Milk Thistle- I take this daily, it helps the liver by flushing out toxins and optimizes liver metabolism.
B-12- I take daily for a boost of energy and well being.
Vitamin C- I take daily. It helps absorption of iron, enhances recovery and growth in muscle cells, involved in the formation of collagen and its an antioxidant. Its good for immune health as well.
Cranberry- I take daily. This helps your uniary tract and with my liver being flushed of toxins, I take this to help prevent any UTI's.
Probiotics- These help your digestive tract. These are great to ensure your system is unclogged and working smoothly. I take these daily.

V-Core Vantage Protein Powder- I take this on an as needed basis, I'f I haven't got in enough protein for the day I make a shake or add it to other foods. I like the flavor and how easily it mixes.
Cellucor Super HD Powder- This is an energy drink, appetite suppressant and fat burner. I love this. It really kills my appetite gives me a burst of energy with out the crash and is super yummy.
Nuun Electrolyte Tablets- This is a sugar free electrolyte tab that you add to 16oz of water for a healthy boosting drink.
Advocare Rehydrate & Spark- Rehydrate is great for the after workout and the Spark(not pictured) is an energy boost with an appetite Suppressant, I am starting to prefer the Super HD more, but I still enjoy Spark.
Quest Bars- These are my go to when I'm on the go go go and I need to pack in the nutrients also they a great substitute for a yummy  bad snack. They are freaking delicious.

Now with all these supplements and all and with my busy schedule, organization is key!

This is all the reason more why I was happy to get my 6 Pack Fitness bag. Which by the way I wanted the Pink and Complete Nutrition was out of. And Because They are the best people ever, they ordered me a pink one and when it comes in I can take this one in and swap the shells!! So I'm extremely grateful that the awesome people there really are out to please. And when they asked when we were moving, yes I go there enough, they know my life story. They told me they don't have store up there BUT they do offer free shipping and when I move I can phone them and change my address and then just call in my orders and they will ship them to me!!! How freaking great is that!?!?!

I use a pill keeper to set out all my supplements along with my anti-baby pills that way I don't open a bajillion and ten bottles daily. I also use a Cyclone Cup and My new freebie cup from Complete Nutrition. They have storage compartments which makes taking drink mixes with me extremely easy!

Now these supplements are just things I take and work for me, I'm not a Dr and if you are really wondering about supplements and whats best for you, ask your Dr!

How was your weekend? 
How do you stay on top of you fitness game!?




  1. I was so happy the Seahawks won and it was such a great game!! The Superbowl should definitely be a good one too.

    LOVE Quest Bars. I've been baking mine lately just for a couple minutes - either whole or cut up to make little cookies - and HOLY MOLY. You gotta try it! SO good!

    I take Cellucor SuperHD as well and it doesn't really do much for my energy but it definitely kills my appetite too! You should try Cellucor's protein though, it's suuuuper good. Definitely one of my faves!

    Loving all your supps! Keep up the good work :)

  2. I use supplements too - they are so important to take advantage of all the hard work you put in at the gym! Love seeing other ladies taking them!

    Currently, I take:

    green tea extract caps
    fish oil
    and whey

    Most fat burners make me too jittery to function at my desk job, but when I do take them, I really love OxyElite Pro (the old version).

    Love Quest bars of course, but they're not on my diet plan currently. Can't wait to eat them again!

    Stacey @

  3. I use supplements and vitamins. I use protein like you when I haven't been getting enough. I take a one a day vitamin, glucosamine chondroitin, and calcium daily. And that's pretty much it.
    For the life of me, I can't get into Quest bars. I've tried and tried. What's your favorite flavor? Maybe I'm picking the wrong ones lol. But I prefer Luna Bars and Cliff Bars. Though I do realize they aren't quite as nutrient dense.

  4. Sounds a fun few days off! I am intrigued with those Quest bars, I'll have to check out the ingredients, I'm a picky one about my ingredients:) I eat Cliff Bars now and love them, but hate the 23 grams of sugar. I only eat them on days when I have to get a long run in. I am in the process of training for a half marathon in June. Absolutely terrified I might die, lol.