Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Frozen Friday(5onFriday)

We we we so excited 
We we we so excited..

It's Friday bisshes!

So for the umpteenth time they are calling for freezing rain and so on and off today.


Does some one wanna break it to Jack Frost that it's time to retire?

I'm just tired of the cold and the draftiness of our house and the lethargic feeling it brings down upon me.

It's officially into the new year and everyone's shared their new year resolutions, I shared my healthy and fitness priorities, but one I want to share my regular ole goals for the year

So hang on for this 5on Friday link up with the lovely Darci!!


Build our savings account, we really have no debit, but we don't have a giant savings account, we tend to spend randomly when we don't shuffle it to savings. This year we want to save more before spending. Last year we did the 52 week savings plan and had great success with it.

 Find a decent apartment between Seattle and North Bend that we will enjoy and is in a nice neighborhood.

By the end of the year be enrolled in a personal training certification program and then specialize in weight loss management.


 Get a new car. 
One that the hubs and I both agree on! Psh.

Better time management. I go through extremes and then my personal fun time or hubs and I time gets cut into. I do tend to procrastinate,  I want to be better organized and more on top of things. Thus having more hubby time.

As for hubby time, we are going out for din din tonight, and then to pick up a few random for Wally World! Gosh I tell you we are such exciting people. I promise in real life I'm no where near as boring, I'm just laid bsck. I'm a conversationalist in person. I enjoy sitting in coffee bars talking and socializing but when the hubs and I are just out to do nothing that's what we do, nothing. Ha! We hope to have more activity options when we move to Washington, hiking, four wheeling, ect. 
Here we just don't have as many options, wah wah wah.

What's your plans for the day?!

As always

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