Friday, January 17, 2014

Inspiration and Mini Vacation {5onFriday}

Happy Friday Bisssshes!

I completely lucked out this week, thanks to some PTO that I had to start using. As a result I had yesterday off and am off till Monday.


Its like a baby vacation to me. And Its going to be glorious.

Don't get me wrong, I love work and I'm always the one with overtime, but I also like spending the day cleaning house and sitting on the couch occasionally, like a refresh day.

Now before I get to the awesome link up with Darci at The Good Life Blog, I wanted you to take 4 minutes from your day and watch this video. It is super inspiring and makes me feel a little stupid thinking of some of the excuses I've come up with when It comes to trying hard to succeed at things. As you all very well should know, I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan. One of their offensive players is legally deaf and he is one game away from a Super Bowl after being passed over in the NFL Draft. It also goes along with bullying, just because someone is different or has to do an activity differently, doesn't make them not worthy of it and Derrick Coleman proves that.

Its borderline tear jerker...

NOW! On to 5 on Friday, Friday,
Gonna get down on Friday, looking forward to the weekend!

These the things I'm looking forward to most about this weekend!


I'm getting my haiirrr did. I always have the intentions of wanting to change it up a bit, but I'm pretty stuck in my ways...I have gotten pretty wild with my hair before..
Its also been purple pink and black. I guess I wasn't meant to rock normal hair, well being normal is vastly overrated . I LOVE getting my hair done, its worth the money and the time then doing it myself, but this is how the hubs seems to feel..


I'm married to a computer/gamer nerd.

Oh it can't be that bad.

Im surrounded by tons of his "babies"... twss

He has the super souped up Alienware Computer with dual Monitors, an Xbox 1, two Xbox Slims, a WII, Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Nintendo SNES. Then theres the technology he lets me call mine...My Mac and My iPad...Whoah I'm living large.

But the point is I let him spend money on his electronics and upgrades and latttty laaaah teeee daaahh  and in return I get to spend the same amount of things of my choice. So after his most recent computer upgrade and the past few ones that I haven't cashed in on...Yes we keep track and keep it even stevens... I'm up a good amount and BABY I'm cashing it in on a shopping spree at Dicks today!...
Or would it be more fun to say a Dicks Shopping Spree...twss..
The Store you sicko's, get yo mind out of the gutters!


Cheat Meal.

I think that right there explains it all. Even though for me a "cheat" is never as exciting as it may be for some. I'll either have a sandwich at Subway and CHIPS or Froyo. I know I border on the platform of the hot mess express thats headed to exciting town. 

I'm lame.

Which the thought of getting to carb load before my 1/2 is all the more motivation to keep training for it. I really do run so I can eat.
And I'm not ashamed to admit it.


Spending time with the hubs. He also has a bunch of accumulated PTO, vacation and sick days, so I "twisted his arm" (he volunteered faster than Katniss at the reaping) into taking Sunday off with me. So we have Friday-Sunday together.
I tell you PTO is a beautiful creation. 

The Hubs is my best friend, so to me its really exciting when we get extra time together since we both work over well over 40 hours a week. The bad part is, well for him, I'm completely lax around him....and he knows it..true love.


Sunday Night Football.

Seahawks Vs 49'ers for the Super Bowl Seat..oh gah its going to be a nail biter!

The hubs and I's new shirts even came in the mail yesterday, so we are ready for a victory Seahawks!!

Go ahead and judge us cause we ordered matching Tshirts, see if I care.

Nope don't care, were cute! HA!

So as you can see I'm super duper excited for today and the rest of the weekend!

What are your weekend plans?

I want you to remember too, that you can do anything you want and don't let anyone tell you differently!!

Also I want you guys to keep a look out I Have a Great Giveaway coming up for you and I PROMISE you, you wont want to miss it. 

Have a great weekend loves!


  1. I saw that story on the news last night. Even my daughter's sat and listened because they thought it was pretty neat how he's not letting anyone/thing hold him back. Very cool!

    Have fun on your mini vaca.

  2. Have a great weekend!! Sounds like its all lined out to be!

  3. That's a great deal xD He buys his stuff, you buy yours. Everyone's happy!