Monday, January 13, 2014

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Let the commencement on the 2014 1/2 marathon training, begin..
From the girls...

I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute!!

TF, did I just get myself into?

And yes, yes I did just compare 1/2 marathon training to the Hunger Games.

So Happy Monday Ya'll.

As you can obviously guess, today is going to be day one of my 12 week training program for a half marathon I will run in Branson MO at the beginning of May.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared shartless of this. Even just to begin..


Because I'm simply scared of failing, of not making it, letting myself down, my parents, my husband and all of you guys. Physically I know I'm capable of it but now I just have to get mentally prepared.

Over the last few days I've kinda taken it lighter in the meal department and with the gym, kinda like a break before I rebuckle down. I just was kinda in a little slump, I think because of my nerves, which made everything feel ten times worse. But overall I felt the break was needed.

 I felt like I needed a break, to just be normal again but now I'm feeling like I need to be back in the gym so now its time.

Let's get down to defeat the haaaannnns!

As for which half marathon I'm doing, I made sure to pick one that looked fun, that I could have a good time at so it would motivate me more to get after it.

I Choose the Diva Run.

Why did I think it'd be fun?

Before you cross the finish line you pick up a tiara and a feather boa, and as you cross it a hot guy hands you champagne, a rose and you medal...whats not to like???


In other news, my Hawks won!!!
It was  nerve racking game towards the end and I love Drew Brees face when he just looks perplexed and on the verge of crying... 

Marshawn Lynch is my favorite!!

Not just as a football player but as a human being. His childhood wasn't great and he overcame it and he actually majored in social welfare. So that right there gives me respect for him. 


He is a beast.

and heres the next thing...

Now we play the 49ers...we beat them preseason, they beat us now its a toss up, its really anyones game. The hubs and I are nervous AF. So if you follow me on IG, prepare yourself now for the blow up on Sunday.

PS Go Broncos.

As I said earlier about being in a funk

oh no no no don't phunk with my heaaaart..

A lot of it has to contribute to these factors too:

- moving end of May/beginning of June
- busy at work
- working on quality and organization of Resolution Revolution, I'm a perfectionist and want the girls to have the best I can offer
- finding a new(to us) car

These are all things to happen in the next few months.

Maybe I'm crazy for filling my plate this full, or dedicated??

Erhhhm, lets go with dedicated..mmmkay?!

So pretty please with sugar on top bare with me if I get a little cray cray up in here.


Keep a watch out, February marks my blogaversary, and you best bet I'll be giving away some awesome things on here and on IG.


How was your weekend?
Plans for the week?



  1. Go Broncos???????????? No I dont think so!

  2. You go girl!! I will be cheering you on along the way to your 1/2 Marathon! I know you can do it!!

  3. Go Broncos!! If the Seahawks win over the Broncos the the Super Bowl I will probably have to avoid your blog and Ig acct for a few days. Good luck on the 1/2 training. I have total faith in you.

  4. I'm doing the same training schedule. :)

    My first half is in April.

    Good luck, sister!!!

  5. Oh man that will be a tuff run! The ONLY thing I hate about Branson is all the hills! Lol! Good luck girl! And great job with the Resolution Revolution! So far, so great and we <3 all that you've done! Looking forward to a February too!

  6. Training for another 1/25 end of March here! You'll be fine!

  7. Hi Jessi! I am new to your blog and am loving the tips and finding it very motivating. I have a question. I know that you started out doing a c25k, so I downloaded the app and did day one today. Oh my goodness was it hard. I made it through, but I was exhausted afterwards. How did you get through it when you first started c25k? You are an inspiration. Good luck on your first half marathon!

    1. Hey! It was hard, but I knew that I wanted to run that 5K at the end. I ran it slow, but none of that mattered becasue I wanted it and I was not going to let anything stop me! Thank you so much! Don't let anything stop you, you will be able to complete this with out any doubt!! Keep up your hard work!!!!