Friday, January 3, 2014

Finally Friday {5onFriday}


These last couple of weeks have just been crazy for me. My schedule has been all over the place and I feel like a crazy lady sans cats.

I'm glad things are going back to normal, schedules settling back to the regular and life continuing on. 

I'm super puffy heart with glitter happy because my Resolution Revolution tees are FINALLY DONE!! So I can get my girls their packets put together and get them sent out!! Yay!!! Sorry it's taken so long ladies the holidays sure slowed things down! 

I'm also super happy because the hubs wants to start eating healthier, like my level of healthy! Like he wants me to double my meals so he can have the same! I'm so proud of my healthy guy!!!

So as always it's another exciting life in the day of me. It's my day off and I will be  grocery shopping, then food prepping my life away then putting together my girls packets!!!

If you don't meal prep, you should really try it. Its the best way to keep healthy eating on track and at convenience, its nice to open the fridge when Im packing lunches and just grab a container and know its perfectly measured and portioned!

Today is obviously five in Friday my friends!!  And in honor of the this being the first Friday if the new year,
I feel it's only appropriate for me to give you my top five tips of staying committed to your resolutions!

1. Set goals that are based on your happiness and your happiness only. If you try to do something to please someone else you won't have as great of
Success as you will if your goal is for you!

2. Tell anyone whose willing to listen about your goals. And even if they aren't willing to listen, tell them anyway. It will help you keep accountable because the more people who know the more that are waiting to see you make it or fail and hunny you aren't going to fail! 

3. Freakin believe in yourself! Your body is plenty capable of doing anything and everything you could ever want it to do. Your mind is the part of the body that throws in the towel first!!

4. Offer yourself a reward. When you hit your first goal, get yourself something that will help you continue to reach your next goal!!

5. Take baby steps, it takes time. Work with yourself. Don't just go cold turkey. Ween yourself off of your vises and realize that they really aren't that important and find something better to replace it with!!

I hope these will help some of you!

I really hope everyone has a great new year and wishing you all the best of luck with your resolutions!!!

TGIF ladies!!!

What are your weekend plans?!

As always


  1. Yay for t-shirts!! Can't wait!
    Telling everyone seems to make me feel more accountable, so I've IG'd it, blogged it, wrote it... Great tips!

  2. Great Tips! I'm just making daily, weekly and my 1st month goal right now. Baby steps right?

    So true about your mind giving up. Your body is much stronger than we give it credit. I trained for and ran a 1/2 marathon a couple of years ago so I KNOW I have the mental strength to stay with this I just need to get my mind on board.