Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Workout Wednesday, Why Not?!

Hey everyone! 

So for the first time ever, I'm going to link up for Workout Wednesday with SkinnyMeg
I'm a little shy in the blogging world, I guess you could say, but I thought, hell I've lost over 40 pounds since January 1 2013 on my own by working out and eating right, why shouldn't I put myself out there a bit more.

So here I am for the Link up!

(I'm happy to tears cause I just PR'd)

I've lost all my weight by using hand weights and my living room.
I do workouts like this one everyday usually while I watch an episode of my favorite show, which is why its timed at about 25 minutes for the whole run through.
Give it a go!

Here are some Links to show you how to do some of these exercises that might be a little less well known:

Any others that you are unfamiliar with just ask and I will help you out!

I also use apps on my Iphone to aid with my workouts

C25K Free is the Free version of Couch to 5k It is awesome and will speak over your music to tell you what to do.

Sworkit is GREAT when you have some down time but don't know what workout to do, choose a target zone, workout style and time limit and away you go!

GeoMeasure lets you map out courses to see the distances they will be for you.

MapMyRun is  what I use in place of a Garmin Fitness watch, ( Help me, I'm poor -- name that movie!) It tracks your distance, your route, your pace, your calories, etc. It will speak over music as well and let you know distances, split paces and overall time. It also saves your workouts so you can see your improvements! Its free so its great for a starter off until I can afford the Garmin.

Thanks for stopping by! Questions, thoughts, comments? Lemme Know!

Have a Wonderful Workout Wednesday!

- J

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