Monday, May 13, 2013

Keeping Up With The Jones's

Well we are not the Jones's but heres a rundown of what's new in the Solt household. 

Life has been pretty plain jane around here. It's pretty weird, actually, our lives are usually never this uneventful. 

Oh well.

We both have been super busy with work lately and our poor little fur baby, Cali the Chihuahua, has been having accidents since we haven't been home as much to let her out. She's the type of dog that cannot go outside unless she is on a leash, she will run away and never look back. Trust me, chasing her down the road is zero fun. None, zip, zilch - actually I think it's relatable to one of the levels of hell. With high hopes to change things I bought her " PetZoom Indoor Pet Park Pet Potty ". It looks like a patch of grass and it has a tray that all the liquid collects into and then you just dump it in the toilet. She is still unsure of the thing right now, she just sits on it and stares at me. 

For real, its kinda creepy.

She just sits. No potty, no nothing. I swear she just started holding it till I get home.

Special, special puppy :/ 

The hubs and I are are anxiously awaiting our trip at the end of the month to Kansas City. It's going to be a great time, we are going to see my sister and her hub and my adorable niece and her new house! It's also the weekend of my first 5k! I'm pretty excited, then the hubs and I are going to enjoy the city and do some shopping and spend some good quality time together. I'm going to be brave and venture into the changing rooms and try on some clothing, maybe even a bathing suit, having lost 40lbs so far this year makes my courage level a little higher, but we will see. It will me such a good time though! We are also awaiting July 7th, that will be our one year wedding anniversary, AHHH, wow time really does fly past your eyes. We are going to stay a few nights in a nice hotel, wine and dine and hit the casino. Not to exciting, aye?
Neither one of us have EVER been to a casino, so were going to have a little fun and share the same dream of hitting it big with a few thousand other people.
Wah Wah Wah

Next week I'm going to get my hair done and spend a girls day with my mom. I love hanging out with my mom, we never fail to have a good time and its been a long time since we have went out and just did a girls thing. It's going to have some special treats in it for her as part of my mothers day gift to her as well. My moms pretty excited too, my sister lives 3 hours away and I'm the only child that lives minutes away, and well I'm the baby of the family, so mom still likes time with her 'baby'. Getting my hair done will be fabulous! Being a stylist, I'm extremely picky with how my hair looks and who touches it, luckily a girl I went to cosmo school with lives less then an hour away, so I go to her. We were taught the same way so when I say how I want something done, she totally gets it. It's a real relief. 

Ya'll are out their probably snoring away by now, I told you it has been pretty mediocre around here. As every thing I have going on approaches hopefully excitement will find its way back to my life.

But I want to leave you on some positive notes, here are two of my current favorite motivational quotes:

Here's to a Mediocre Monday!



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