Monday, May 13, 2013

Just A Fat Girl Who Decided To Run

As I've lost weight, I post it to Facebook. Pictures, updates, what I'm doing and anything motivational, never with any intentions to do anything more than keep my own spirits up. But the craziest thing happend as I lose more, all these people are coming out of the wood work and asking me for help with their workouts and how to lose weight, and they call me an 

Who Me?

I never thought of myself as an inspiration, I still don't. I don't get it, really.
 I'm just a run of the mill fat girl who decided to get healthy. 
I'm just a fat girl who was tired of being sad at the reflection I saw.
I'm just a fat girl who works out every day.
I'm just a fat girl who learned to eat clean.
I'm just a fat girl who became motivated.
I'm just a fat girl who was done settling for the number on the scale.
I'm just a fat girl who decided to run.

I don't think I'm anything special. I mean don't get me wrong I am more than proud of myself, my progress is amazing and feels even better. But the "following" I've gotten is just plain crazy. I have one girl who messaged me and asked me if I'd go for a walk with her to help kick start her weight loss journey, how could I say no? I told her sure!! Why not, she wants me to "teach" her everything I've learned along the way, and I am more then happy too. If she wants my help I will give it to her, If she wants my support, she's got it. I support any one and every one with their choice to better their lives for a healthier them. I even have people who want me to go grocery shopping with them to show them how to read labels better, pick out clean foods and show them better options.


My own husband, the lazy  unmotivated man he is, Is going to start Couch To 5K, tonight. He wants to start running with me. He wants to run 5K's with me. I kid you not, when he told me all that I could have fell over right where I stood. But I'm proud of him, I'm going to run my normal 2-3 miles Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and go through the C25K program with him Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and we are going to go for just leisure walks on the days he doesn't run. I'm so happy for him, and he came to it all on his own term. I 'inspired' him. So he says. I totally support him in this and I will be SOOOO glad to have a running buddy.

Even a girl I went to high school with, and haven't seen her since, wants to run with me sometime. Which in all reality is quite the honor. She is an amazing gal, she ran cross country in HS and now she runs half marathons. She told me once in a comment on a status of mine that she saw me as an 'inspiration' because I don't let anything keep me from going on my run. Running is like my second job, If I were to miss a day, I would be so extremely disappointed in myself, and I would feel as if I had let everyone else down. When she told me that though, I got chills, because even though we aren't close friends any more or even in the same town, it made me feel good. She has been there encouraging me and giving me awesome advice, every time I've asked. She has been supportive, even when I didn't ask her too. She is just that amazing of a person. And every 'like', comment or encouraging/supportive word she's given me, echo's in my mind when I run. I tell myself not to give up, and then I see everyone else's supportive words in my mind and suddenly the run doesn't phase me anymore. She is a big part of the reason I have absolutely ZERO problem with going for a walk with one gal, going grocery shopping with another to help teach them to read labels and pick out good foods or even just offering encouraging words to those starting their journey.

I feel so blessed to have all this love and support from those who see me as 'inspiring' to those that are my friends and family. 

I mean after all, I'm just a fat girl who decided to run.


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