Saturday, May 4, 2013

Post Workout Protein Packed Snack

Through out my weight loss and work out journey I have learned how important it is to feed your body the right stuff at the right time!

After my workouts I try to eat within 1-2 hours, I usually come in in at the hour or hour and a half mark, and I always try to fuel up on good proteins. Its usually cottage cheese, string cheese or lunch meat. I always try to find new ways to spice it up and thus my newest fave, Turkey Rolls.

You'll need spray butter (0 calories), A pack of lunch meat, I use the 
90 calorie packs, and three Light, Reduced Fat Cheese Sticks.

First lay out the meat, three slices overlapping and place a cheese stick on one side. Roll the cheese stick up in the meat, burrito style, folding in your ends as well.

Heat skillet medium heat, spray lightly with spray butter. Place your rolls in heated up skillet, spray tops with spray butter. Let cook for a few minutes, then flip. Continue to flip/roll them around the skillet till each side is lightly browned.

For real melty cheese in turkey :D
Happy Happy Happy.



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