Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Morning Ha-Ha-Haters

For some reason, no matter what you are doing or how well you are doing it there will ALWAYS be haters.

Lame sauce.

I was out for my run, in the pouring rain I might add. Thats real dedication. Yeah I'm patting myself on the back, "so what, wanna fight about it?"
And the song Good Morning By Chamillionaire on and the part that goes : 

" All the haters hate that, 'cause they hate to see you be successful"

And for some reason tonight it just stuck in my head  and got me thinking..

When I first began my weight loss journey, I was very strict on myself. I didn't eat anything that was remotely bad, until I knew I had retrained myself to watch and control portions. I am too that point now of course. But on the hubby's birthday at the beginning of February one of my sister-in-laws was here and we had just gotten back from a heavy supper and they were sitting down to cheesecake that the hub's mom had made him. No big deal, but me, I didn't want any, and most importantly I didn't NEED any. I could see the oil pooling on top, too many calories for me. But they asked if I wanted any, I said no thanks, and the hub announced that I was dieting. The sister-in-law retorted snotty like "ugh why can't you just be happy with yourself".
On the inside I just snapped, I was so utterly pissed, but I kept to myself.

First of all, why at all does it concern her what I do with my life and for that means my body. Next, I am happy with myself, I am happy with the self that has gotten off her lazy ass and made changes in her life to better herself. I am happy with the self that runs in any and all weather conditions. I am happy with the self that eats veggies and fruits instead of greasy fries and candy bars. I am happy with the self that on that day was down over 15 pounds. I am happy with myself. I am beyond proud of myself for doing what people doubted me in, I am proud that I'm being successful on my journey to better myself and become a runner. I am proud of the self that held her tongue in that moment and didn't dish out the verbally lashing that was being scripted in my head.

Don't judge someone because they are making a lifestyle change to better themselves. You have no clue what drives them to do what they are doing. Offer words of encouragement to build up people not words to tear them down.

The only thing I can think of as to why she said that remark is that she's jealous of my decision to better myself and the fact that I was being successful.

It still to this day irks me. And that song brought back the memories, but as I ran and the music played these words buzzed out of my earbuds :

"And I admit it, I'm really 'bout to show you how I doIf you know you a hater, this dedicated to youYou hatin' my last move, I'm way on my next moveSee they hate to see you to be successful

I wanna show all of my haters love, this song's for youIf you acted like me, and I was in your shoes I'd probably hate on me too."
And suddenly I didn't care any more, because I'm successful and I'm just going to brush of the negativity and disrespect. I'm going to keep doing me.
Do what your doing regardless of who supports you or tries to bring you down. They will never change but you've already gotten up off the couch and put the effort in to the movement, so GOOD JOB, I AM PROUD OF YOU. I SUPPORT YOU. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS, I KNOW YOU WILL DO THIS. SO GO, GO OUT THERE AND BE SUCCESSFUL. GIVE ALL THE HATERS THE FINGER AND YOU ROCK YOUR LIFE.I AM HERE FOR YOU WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS. I'm here for you because I have haters, but I'm going to let them be my motivators.
I'm gonna show all of my haters love, this posts for you.So I wave to you likeGood Morning Ha-Ha Haters.Good Morning


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  1. You are so inspirational....thank you for that!