Thursday, May 2, 2013

Straight From The Stylists Mouth

Im a hair stylist, as I have said before and today, I'm going to share with you some basic but important hair care tips!


* When your coming wet/tangly hair, spray in your detangler/leave-in-conditioner  on your ends first and the up to the back of your head -never in the front or on top of your head. Then using a wide tooth comb began brushing through your locks starting at the ends are slowly working up to your scalp! Make sense? when you start at your roots and work down you rip out chunks of hair and you going smooth, tangle, tangle, tangle. But when you began at your ends your going, tangle, smooth, smooth, smooth.

* Deep Condition you hair at least twice a month. No you don't need any special conditioner. Regular condition will do the trick. Now what you need to do for optimal results is,  shampoo hair as normal with warm water, squeeze out excess water, apply a generous amount of conditioner all over your hair, put hair in a shower cap or wrap with saran wrap, let it set for 20-30 minutes, now rinse with COOL water. Yes cool water.

* Rinse your hair, always, with cool water. When you use warm water to shampoo your hair the heat opens the cuticle of your hair and then you put on the conditioner and the moisture gets into your hair strand and then the cool water seals the cuticle shut, locking in the moisture. Also by rinsing in cool water it helps your color last longer!

* Make sure when you use heat tools to use any form of product that says Heat Protectant or Thermal Guard. Heat can be incredibly damaging to your hair if not used properly.

* When using product in your hair, always apply to the underneath/back of your head first. Why? 80% of your hair is in the back, 20% in the bangs/fringe front part. So when you have product on your hands you should be applying the 80% of the product to the back and then the least amount to the 20%. This will keep your hair from looking greasy.

* Try to avoid ponytails when your hair is wet. If you put your hair up while wet, it will dry in the position, bent, and will end with your hair having more brake off and split ends.

* Do not wash hair daily. Every time you wash your hair, you strip it of its natural oils, so your body thinks its not making enough nutrients so it begins to over produce, resulting in greasy, oily hair. I recommend to wash every other day or every third day. And That applies to your hair, wash yo' self daily fools.

* Invest in good hair products, $3 sauve and $13 salon brands do not do the same thing. Why? The cheap stuff has been diluted and cut with water to make the product produce a bigger batch, meaning they can sell more bottles and well water didn't cost them anything, so they are making money off of selling you watered down product. Salon Brands are typically concentrated, which is why it takes less of the product to get the same effect. You wouldn't buy a nice car and then put some back alley insurance on it? So why spend $60 or more on your hair to only put cheap insurance on it??

* Change up your hair products. Believe it or not your hair adapts to the products you use on it, which is why they stop providing the fantastic results that it used to! I have two sets of Shampoo and Conditioner and I go back and forth between the two and even intermix them! Same with my hairspray, I go back and forth between Bed Head's Hard Headed and Kenra.

Any questions or thoughts on hair care, please feel free to ask!

Treat your hair with love and it will repay you by looking awesome!

- J

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