Thursday, May 2, 2013

How I Eat Healthy Away From Home

With Summer just around the corner, more and more of us are traveling!
 Yay for road trips! I feel bad for my travel partner because I'm like a baby in a car, I fall asleep with in minutes of riding along. 
But any-who,
  It can be hard to make healthy decisions when your away from home and your normal and no one wants to blow all their hard work on accident. 
Especially during bikini season.

So here are some things I due to help myself when I'm traveling to keep myself on track.

When Im at hotels, who can resist a free breakfast, mhmmmmmm.
Well unfortunately there is a bu-coo amount of calorie loaded sweets and treats.
Almost every single hotel I have ever stayed at ( I've stayed at hotels from Texas to North Dakota and from Tennessee to California and Hawaii) the breakfast bar usually has great options. My personal favorites are usually yogurts, granola bars, fruit, skim milk, toast, eggs (all types) and cereal! 
I like to have a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana on it paired with some eggs and a glass of skim milk and I always grab a granola bar or an apple to take with me that day for a great snack (and its free)!

Now outside of the hotels at restaurants, fast food joints and all types of eateries I use these little cheats:
 -grilled chicken over beef or breaded chicken
-dressing on the side
-minus the bun or bread
-veggies as sides vs mac and cheese or fries
- sweet potato fries vs reg fries
-turkey bacon vs real bacon
- water or tea with lemon vs soda
- half orders
- appetizer sampler in place of meal and an appetizer
- thin crust vs pan or regular
- drink a glass of water before each meal
- salad options vs sandwich
- turkey burger/veggie burger vs beef patties
- frozen yogurt vs ice cream
- try to avoid anything "fried"

Now I'm not saying you can't eat any of those things but these are just little swaps to help save some calories and still get to enjoy the meal.

Also anytime we go anywhere to eat besides home, I make sure that the hubby and I go somewhere,  mall, park, store, ANYWHERE and walk around for about 30 minutes. And I also never let us eat supper at the hotel we always eat, walk around then return to the hotel so we aren't just sitting around in a food coma.

How do you beat the food travel blues?


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