Friday, January 23, 2015

Stay Hungry.

Whoop it's Fridayy!!
I've got a weekend with some light shopping, house cleaning and the normal, gosh my life is so exciting. 

So I feel like it's time for some good ole real talk. We are well into the month of January, just about February and this is the time when people start to lose motivation, they lose sight of the goal and they probably are discouraged for some reason. Weight-loss, toning up, getting healthier, or cleaning up your diet- whatever it may be is not freaking easy. It all takes work, dedication and time. Time is what we all forget to figure in. This all came to my mind yesterday when my husband, who is down 4.7lbs in two weeks, was upset because the scale wasn't moving as fast as he wanted it to be.  These things take time, do not, I repeat DO NOT throw in the towel because things are moving as fast as you wanted. If I had it my way I'd look like Dana Linn Bailey right now BUT it takes time. I also haven't been as strict and diligent as I needed to be the last year. Could I look like her someday? Yeah, but not as tan or as pretty though. It takes dedication,effort and to keep motivation. I have managed to keep the majority of my motivation by being able to at least maintain the majority of my weight-loss, which is pretty nice actually. After a million speeches he finally agreed to not give up and to keep trying.

Are you to the point were your motivation is dwindling? Are you having troubles ? Have you already given up?


Stop all that doubt, forget it all and follow along with me right now. We are going to get you out of the rut and back on track right this instant.

Why'd you stop/want to stop?
Is it to hard? - modify it til you get stronger but do not quit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having to modify a move to be successful at it what matters most is you are trying and that's the most satisfying feeling.

You don't have time? - Schedule for it. Plan your day, I keep my self in check with a planner, I write down all the things that I have to do and want to do that day and then magically it is easier. I find myself less likely to screw around doing nonsense crap until after I have already accomplished everything I wanted too. I usually end up with a good solid hour of pinterest surfing and TV watching.

 Remind yourself of that feeling you get while working out and right after a workout when you feel  like you are freaking queen of it all and you feel like a total badass.

Make goals. All sorts of goals. Make a master goal with mini check point goals along the way, and each of those mini goals should have a reward too. Whether it is a facial or a new top or whatever let yourself enjoy the success of each and every milestone along the journey.

Like everything in life we have the opposite of rewards. When needed discipline yourself. SO you slipped up one day and went crazy on food. It happens your not perfect, I'm not perfect, crap happens. Make it a goal to be on point eating wise for the next 3 days with out extras and give yourself an extra 20 minutes working out. Whatever it may be just compensate for it, you do not have to punish yourself just find a reasonable way to make it a wash.

Get a friend, partner to help make you accountable. You will lean on each other and support each other which is what you need. Right now I workout with a friend from work. We sit next to each other so we talk workouts on and off  all day, we workout together and when one doesn't feel like going that night the other talks them into it. I sit with a fellow workout addict at lunch, we talk healthy food ideas and keep each other from going to the vending machine. I also text my girl Tatum and we keep each other pumped for workouts and this healthy lifestyle we love/hate so much!

Do you need a trainer to help you? Get one. Need a workout plan? Look one up, ask someone else that works out to help you. But keep in mind workouts work differently for each person, so don't be afraid to tweak it. Hell email me and I'll help you figure things out and help find your direction, and I'm free :)

Whatever you do please just don't quit. There were so many times that I wanted to quit in the beginning, I told myself it was just easier to be overweight and unhealthy. I tried to convince my self that I wasn't THAT unhappy with my weight. Then I would cry, because I was unhappy and I was frustrated, I was angry that I wanted to quit, I was angry that it was so hard, I hated that it took so long and that I was putting in so much effort and not seeing the results. It sucked, it was hard but it was glorious, it was rewarding. I was able to experience small goals each step of the way. The fact that finally the work was paying off restored my faith in my decision to do it all. I do not for one single second regret this journey I choose. Yes some days I still don't want to workout and want to eat a large pizza and a gallon of Mountain Dew, but I don't or I have it in moderation. It just isn't worth the rewards I have already reaped.  So stay motivated, take pictures, take measurements, take the comparisons, stay on top of it. When you feel down and like quitting, remember why you started. That awful hurt you felt after the first day? Do you want to quit and have to feel that again- HELL NO. Ain't nobody got time for that. Keep going, you are your worst critic so prove to yourself how awesome you are. If you need help ask someone, if you need support, ask. Do not be afraid to ask or to join a group. Every single champion was once a contender with a dream. Do not be scared to dream a little bigger and most importantly stay hungry for that goal.



  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I really needed to read this today. I had plans for getting myself back in gear after the crazy holidays and traveling. But I started the new year with some dental trouble. And ended up with an infection and lots of pain. Now I seem to find myself in a funk and struggling to get back on track. I plan to sit down Saturday and map out my goals and plan my workouts for the next two weeks. Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

  2. You are awesome! Love all your advice and I am SO glad you are posting again. I missed your insight!

  3. Thank you I needed this today! Now if you could only help me with my self esteem that would be wonderful haaaa