Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nursing an Injury

Injuries suck.

So my lower back has been killing me like crazy and I went to the chiropractor on Monday just to find out that I have a inflamed vertebrate. I was told to stop working out, and no heat, only ice on my back. I was told a certain way to stand and sit, how to get in my car and how to bend over. I felt like a wounded animal. Hell I basically am a wounded animal, you know that baby bird with the bad wing but it still keeps trying to fly? Yeah that has been me. In hindsight I wish I would have been smarter and listened to my body when it was telling me to take it easy, instead I ignored it and kept going, thinking that stretching would help. But this simple thing if I would have kept ignoring it could have very easily turned into a herniated disk- which would put me out for more than a few days. 

I was told to ice and take ibuprofen and to lay off of my usual activeness. So that is exactly what I've done. I iced my back 20 minutes once an hour all yesterday, took ibuprofen every four hours, got up every hour and did extra walking and light stretching. I adjusted the chair that I still hate with a burning passion to make it in the correct position and I have been using everything i have to sit properly with perfect posture. It sounds easy but was rough. These last two days of not working out I have went almost stir crazy. Although I'm caught up on laundry now and my tv shows...

I go into the chiropractor again today for a follow up to see how things are going and if I'm released for any activity. I would love even a light release, I'd kill to do even just cardio right now- never thought I'd say that!!! Either way it goes I know I need to listen to him because well I don't want a herniated disk. 

It is a nervous waiting game now, but I promise my self I will stretch  more to help prevent future injuries and I will ice when necessary and I WILL take it easy if I have too.

I have learned my lesson this time.

I always new about regular athletic injuries

but  I didn't realize that there was  all these things I had to do to prevent injuries at work!

Did you know that 80% of people with office jobs will experience back pain/problems?!
With that kind of number staring me in my face, I'm done with the sitting all day and going straight to working out for 2 or more hours. I will be more active all day long- through this whole thing into my new years resolutions!

Happy Wednesday!!!



  1. i hurt my back at the gym last week. Just nursing it back to health and letting it rest. Nothing for me this week. :( get better soon!

  2. I hope your follow up appointment went well and you're cleared for some activity! Herniated disks are no fun and would definitely put you out for more than just a few days. I wish work places would be able to take the time to set everyone up with a proper chair and desk set up so that injuries can be prevented. Being at a desk sitting all day long is hard on a body!

  3. I hurt my lower back last week. I'm pretty sure its a muscle strain, but I'm no doctor. Injuries are so frustrating! It sounds like you're taking good care of yourself though :)

  4. I typed out an awesome comment here.. but don't think it posted.
    Email me sometime or text! Miss you!