Friday, January 9, 2015

12 Week Challenge


So happy dance in my world, I've been working out twice a day and making sure my diet was ON point since 1-1-15. No cheats, YET. Through doing that I have been able to cut down about 5lbs already. No that's no all water weight, because I haven't went that far of my diet at all.


My bestie in the sunshine state, Tatum ( @fittatum on IG ) through me on to the great 12 week challenge complete with workouts, grocery lists and a meal plan. Best part? FUHREEEEEEEE.

That is right my friends it is free. And what better way to kick off this year than to just work on a plan from well know fitness guru's?

 It is Lee Labrada's 12 Week Lean Body Challenge , follow the link to get signed up and get all your information. You have three days left to get signed up as the challenge starts Monday. To get all prepared for this, I will be heading to Complete Nutrition tomorrow morning to get my body composition test done and do my grocery shopping. On Sunday, I will meal prep and get a newspaper to take my before's, they will be posted on Monday. I will weigh in Monday Morning and then I will weigh in weekly, get my body composition test done at the halfway mark and at the end and I will take some progress pictures a long the way. I will also measure with a tape measure following the below diagram. Tatum will be my support and her boyfriend Kelby is joining in also. 

I'm really excited because my husband has decided to join me too!!!! ( and his friend Kelby) He had a hard realization that brought him to deciding to go through with this...

Wednesday Ty received a new shirt in the mail in his usual size, it was tight so he tried it on with jeans to see if that helped any..that is when the ball really dropped. His jeans seemed a little tight and they looked tighter than normal ( he hadn't wore his jeans for a few weeks) and he was crushed(I know this feeling all to well, all to well). He has been talking about wanting to lose his belly( he got it when he quit smoking and started eating more) but just hadn't found the motivation yet. Reality had finally hit him and I felt bad and he asked me to be honest if it was tight like he saw, so I told him I loved him and said he had a spare tire. Puppy dog face activated. But for those who think I am a mean wife, I also told him that I would help him and if he ate right and started working out, those pounds would melt off so fast he'd never believe it. With out hesitation he agreed, so we calculated his macros at IIFYM then jumped over to My Fitness Pal and punched it all in on their. He downloaded the app and decided that Thursday he'd give it a try- no promises. I kid you not I'm so proud of him already, he tracked all his food yesterday, tracked his workouts- yeah he actually did 2 little workouts- and managed to stay with in his goals. I had to help as he struggled but I've been showing him that it is trial and error. Sometimes you have to give up bread with your burger to have something else with carbs later and so on. But in the end it is all worth it. He's a little stressed with it but promised to keep trying and to give the 12 week challenge his best try. He will do all the same check ins and all like I will and has even agree to let me put up his before and afters! Really though if the Taco Bell king (5 layer burrito, 4 softshell taco's and a Baja Blast in one sitting) can change his habits and give it a shot- any one can. ANY ONE! It is strictly mind over matter and you have to mind enough to make your health matter.  So cheers to starting that! Also cheers to a cheat meal I get this weekend! 

Side story, I'm super scatterbrained, I have a baby shower for a friend tomorrow and I kept putting off getting the gift and so on, uhhhh I will be running to Tar-Jay to pick up a gift right before the shower. I like to keep it classy obviously!! Bad news the baby shower will have cupcakes that I don't need or want to come between me and my cheat meal. Fingers crossed for straight will power tomorrow.

Are you going to join in on the challenge? You can even enter your before and afters and have the chance to win prizes!!! What have you got to lose? Beside weight!?


What are your weekend plans?


  1. I probably won't join this challenge, but I'm starting a challenge with a couple of friends next week. We are all doing different Beachbody programs so we will be tracking our progress for about 12 weeks and holding each other accountable. I love doing challenges with friends just because they really push you and the competition is fun! Good luck on your challenge!

    So glad to hear your husband is joining you! I know the "jeans too tight" feeling, but that should motivate him, not discourage him. Good luck to him as well on the challenge - I'll be cheering for you both!

  2. My Goober and I just went to the store and spent $160 on "Healthier" foods for the next 2 weeks. I hope we can really stay with this healthy eating thing, but it's just so expensive! We're trying to do it as best we can. Good luck in the challenge and mad props for 2 a days!

  3. Good luck! I recently started working out again at the YMCA. I won't be signing up for this challenge, but I do did your graphic. I think I will take some measurements this weekend! I also have 2 birthday parties, 1 dinner out with an out of town friend, and spring semester starts for me on Monday!

  4. Weight loss is totally mental.
    I mean its literally my drug that I have to face daily because I need it to live.
    Hardest thing in my life!

  5. I love this, "It is strictly mind over matter and you have to mind enough to make your health matter." I struggle with the mental game so much. Just need to stay strong and stick with it!