Monday, January 19, 2015

Gearing Up For a Monday

Yay it's Monday!
Can't you just feel the sarcasm radiating off of that sentence?

But for the most part I am actually, genuinely excited for today- well the later of today.  Not so much excitement in regards to that waking up early and going to work thing. Why can't work weeks be 4 days and weekends be 3? I feel that is a much better balance of time..

Back to excitement! I can actually return to working out today!! Last Monday I went to the chiropractor because I couldn't even touch me knee 's, the hub had to put my shoes on for me. Turned out I had an inflamed vertebrae and was a plain idiot and wasn't listening to my body. So Monday & Tuesday I rested, icing my back and taking ibuprofen, Wednesday I had a follow up and was released for light workouts - mostly cardio and upper body with no weights. I was told to keep icing and taking it easy the rest of the week, test the waters and I'd be able to (more than likely ) be back in full swing on Monday. I did some light easing into it workouts on Saturday, felt good, then yesterday I did a Jillian Micheal's workout full swing with no weights followed by a good icing, and felt great. I'm going to go at it tonight with caution tonight and followed by the ice pack again to make sure all is well. To further help this issue I am keeping up with more stretching and yoga. I also got a lovely new stability ball to take to work to give the economical chair a break and to use at home to help strengthen my core.

What do you do for your sore muscles?

Now lets talk food.

Mhmmm food.

It is not a secret I love pizza. My dream cheat meal or last meal would be a large pretzel stuffed crust chicken bacon ranch pizza with a medium pretzel stuffed crust chicken bacon ranch pizza flipped up side down and centered in the large and then the entire thing drizzled smothered in garlic butter sauce. Now that would be the pizza to end all pizza for me. Someday I will make that creation come true. Until then it is safe to say that pizza is my favorite cheat meal but I can't go completely unhealthy.. Saturday and Sunday I had the most killer hankering for pizza and I made it come true.

This was my BBQ Hawaiian Pizza
It's a Mama Mary's Thin and Crispy Crust with 1/4 cup Stubb's Spicy BBQ sauce,  1 Can kroger chicken breast, 1 cup fresh chopped pineapple, 2 sliced jalapenos and 2 slices Fat free american Cheese torn up. 

This was the West Mex Pizza,
Also based on a Mama Mary's thin crust, topped with 1 cup of fat free re-fried beans, 1 can Kroger Chicken breast, 2 servings shredded Turkey  Pepperoni, Spinach, and 1/2 cup Skim Mozzarella.

The mexi one was my "cheat" Cheat but they both fit my macro's and I stayed with in my goals and did workouts both days so the guilt was not felt at all.

What is your favorite cheat? Favorite pizza recipe?? 

Speaking of cheat meals, the hub has been going strong and is down 4.7 lbs since the 8th and he decided to have Mexican from the weirrrrdddd restaurant in Salina called Poncho's 24 hour Mexican... There were bug zappers around the doors and at the speaker they just say "1st window" after you say your order. But whatev's, I did try explaining that after eating non greasy items and on the healthier side that fast food could have diverse side effects. He gave me a "it wont affect me" look and rolled his eyes.  Home we went, he rushed in and dug in. I kid you not, 20 minutes later he is holding his stomach saying how much he regretted it and how it wasn't worth it and followed it all about 30 minutes later by throwing up. It did not agree with him one bit.Poncho's will not be a return visit for us...

For our challenge, we had weigh in on Sunday. It was tough since I only had three days of cardio and my video on Saturday. I was super careful with my food all week and managed to lose .2 lbs. I really just hoped not to gain too much, so that .2 was very welcomed. Ty on the other hand lost .7 lbs and his typical guy response was "that's it?". I tried to be positive and reminded him that was almost 5lbs in a week and a half, which in return I got this : "Pffffffsssst I should have lost like 15lbs by now this dieting thing is stupid" Welcome to my world hun.

If I rolled my eyes any harder at him they would of gotten stuck...

So cheers to week 2 of my challenge and to the fourth week of the New Year for every one out there starting the year fresh! Keep up the hard work, It will all pay off I promise! Even if it's not 15lbs in the first week, take anything as a positive and celebrate it!

Have a happy Monday Love's!!



  1. Awhoo hoo for being able to workout again...but don't overdo it. :)

    Mandie ~

  2. Glad to hear that you're back to working out and your back is feeling better! I use Tiger Balm if I have some muscles giving me grief. You can usually find it around bengay. (I found mine at Walgreens.)

  3. I've been eating right, tracking my calories, and working out for 2 weeks now. Most days I come in way under and My Fitness Pal yells at me that I need to eat more. But I'm full and eating every meal and snacks?? I went to get on the scale......I gained a half a pound. I know the old, Muscle weighs more than fat, and I try not to worry about the scale, but talk about frustrating!! I feel for Ty.