Monday, January 12, 2015

Get Set, YOGA

Good Morning!

Ugh it's Monday again...

So today starts our 12 Week Challenge with Lee Labrada. We have grocery shopped, meal prepped, printed workouts, did our body analysis, and taken measurements.

Excuse my grossness. We just had gotten up and I still had last nights makeup on (shame on me I know) so I look a little creepy, but hopefully that will make for an even greater after picture. We followed the body measure chart and have our composition reports. We will weigh in every week, and on the 6th week (half way) we will remeasure, take the composition test and take progress pictures. I do have to say how proud I am of my hub for being  5 days into eating within his calories and working out that he is down 4lbs already. He really need to see a little instant "water weight" to keep him motivated. I also promised him that after he loses 10lbs he can have a mega cheat and get the macaroni and chicken tender plate at Applebee's that has a whopping 1810 calories in it. HOLY SHIT is what I said when I looked that up. So he is pretty motivated to stay on the right path.

I know a big concern for people is that healthy groceries can be costly...

By shopping the sale at Dillons, and using my Dillons card and some coupons I was able to get all of this for $148 which is enough for 1-1/2 - 2 weeks of clean eating for the both of us. Of course I have other stuff on hand to go along with this but, keep these things in mind when shopping healthy:
Check out the damage produce.. these oranges were half price because they were dropped off the truck. No damage was apparent and they taste fine. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!  Meat and dairy gets discounted on managers special when they become about three days from their shelf life. I will pick up meat and cook it and freeze it, or buy items that I go through fast like cottage cheese and almond milk. I always drink them before their date and getting them discounted makes it all the better.
Just keep an eye out for what your store does. I enjoy Dillon's because we get the fuel points so it is nice to utilize that at the pump as well.

So aside from all that, I have serious lower back pain and hip pain due to the stupidest economical office chair I have to sit in. 
Ergonomic Office Chair Modern Black for Small Office

It has caused so much pain that it actually brought me to tears.

 I had to go to the chiropractor three times in the last four months due to it. I have found stretching helps but I have read that doing yoga will help the muscles and joints even more. So I have started doing my yoga videos with Tara Stiles on youtube again. She is amazing and makes everything very easy to follow. I love her bedtime routine to lower stress and help me decompress. I have been reading up on the hips and lower back and have compiled the best moves into my own little sequence that greatly helped after just one run through it.

I am by no means a professional but these all have helped with the lessening of the pain I feel from being stuck at a desk all day. I've also decided that periodically, like everytime I get up to go pee and on my breaks I will do some hip/lower back related stretches to help prevent future damage and I plan to really try to focus on my posture. I suck at it. real bad.

Do you have office chair problems?? What do you do to help it?!


  1. Great deals!! We only have a Food Lion and a Walmart around us. That's about what we got for our $160 last week. It should last us about the same, if not more, we hope. We're not as disciplined as you, though. We have dinners that are a little more than just clean food. Great job!!

  2. I don't have office chair problems exactly but my desk isn't exactly the most user friendly (narrow and just not enough room for everything). Every day my left shoulder/neck hurt. I don't know that there is anything I can do about it at work but I do see my chiropractor once a month and I get an hour massage about every month and a half. Anything I can do to try and ease the pain I feel at work. I hope you can find something to help you through the long days at your desk!

  3. I have MASSIVE issues from sitting in an office chair most of my working days. I have hip pain, lower back pain and leg pain that sometimes haunts me till I lay down at night. But I also sit at my desk and tuck my legs underneath me, NOT HEALTHY. Anyways I have a few tricks, when I am on the phone, I will put my wireless headset on and start moving around. I pace back and forth. I stretch. I do squats. I do yoga stretches. I do incline push ups on my desk. I do hip stretches. I basically just move the entire time. I also try to always take my breaks and walk somewhere. I try to get up and get water every hour. Just stuff like that!! I feel your pain >_<

  4. Another thing to consider is seeing if your employer will do a sit/stand station. Your computer and keyboard are on a riser that you can lift up and stand for awhile. Most companies will because your back problems affect their health care costs. You can also get a bosu ball type thing that sits on your existing chair with may give you a break and improve strength and posture.