Monday, January 5, 2015

Please Sir May I Have Some Protein?

Shocked to see me back again? Me too.

So let's get back in to this groove thing. As most have noticed I have made my presence back on Instagram like I was before. I have noticed that during my MIA time, there have been newbies to my little old corner of the internet, and I just wanted to take a second to say Hey! and that you can learn all about me and my journey so far by the tabs at the top or through some of my most popular posts:

As you can see from the titles, I have tried and am willing to try any method or plan out there. I'm not committed to one thing for ever and am always willing to give something a go, that way others who later want to try can have something to base their decision off of. You can also always reach me by sending an email, I always try to reply in the same day or just say screw the email and text me!


Were talking New Year's Resolutions here, I shared mine in my last post but that post was short and sweet so I decided to go ahead and open up more about hindsight and what happened to me this last year.

When I decided to start losing weight in 2013 I made this blog with the intentions that no one would read it but my mother and that it was away for me to be accountable to the world and I can't lie to the world, I'm not a tabloid... 2013 was a great year for me, giving me the chance to really discover the whole fitness industry and develop my self into the form of the person I wanted to be. I'm always going to be a work in progress, I mean everyone out there always has something, even the smallest things they want to change about themselves. It is just human nature, faulty wiring. I ended the year pretty strong with the hopes and the ambitions to make 2014 great too. Well the first five months I'd say it went pretty good, then I just stalled. I lost motivation to strive to be better, I got complacent with myself because I stopped thinking that I could ever lose more weight. I trained myself to believe I was a one trick pony and that I was never going to be able to have toned muscles, a flat(ish) stomach or even baby abs. I let my own fears stop my dreams. As one of my favorite fitness accounts, Meredith Mayhem ( seriously go follow her, she used to carry some extra weight and now is just a total bad ass), said today " Don't stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare". So freaking true. I let all that fear and negativity build up and settled myself to where I was. Mediocre. But that's not what I want, I'm not done yet, I never will be done, this wasn't just a resolution, or a diet, I made a lifestyle change for a reason, because it is to be carried out over a lifetime, the expiration wasn't after a year and then shut the door on it, it is for all of my life. 2014 wasn't completely wasted though, I taught myself that I do have the power to maintain the wait loss and through some great people I have met across the web, that I can help people by being real. By showing that I fall down and I get back up. This isn't a cake walk - all though I wish it was with real cake and all... but now 2015 is here and I have another chance to set a yearly goal that I can meet that all ties into my lifetime goal of being healthy, being the best me I can be, being fit to lead an example to my future kids so that they have the best life I can offer them. 2015 is all about giving all my effort all the time, not just part of the time.

WHEW. That was a mouthful.

So the main thing I  have been asked by all is ideas for meals and how to get in all your protein in for the day with out just straight shakes.

Let's start with the obvious contenders:
Quest Nutrition Bars
Kind Strong Bars

These are usually a snack for me pre-workout wise.

Of course there is protein powder to but you have to think of it outside the box, or ehm container?

Make pancakes with them!
1 Egg, 1 Banana, 1 Scoop of protein powder, Mix it up and cook like a regular pancake! Serve that with scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon and you have a breakfast for a Queen packed with protein. I SOMETIMES even put a tbsp of Peanut butter inside the pancake as a filling for a sweet for me but additional protein.

Get creative, sub it into recipes all the time! Sometimes you have to think of it like a mix, all you need is egg, milk and they right amount to turn them into something wonderful!  At night when I have a sweet tooth craving I will take a scoop of protein, a little sugar free syrup and some peanut butter and whip it together and eat that after dinner.

Make sure you are basing your meals around a main form of protein, Chicken, Turkey, Steak, Ham, Tofu.. I have 4-6 oz of chicken with sweet potato fries and green beans all the time. 

Have cottage cheese for a side! Its an easy snack food for protein, I like to have a serving of it with a serving of turkey pepperoni and that is packed with protein! Or add cottage cheese to pasta or eggs instead of cheese. I have it inside my omelets instead of sliced cheese or with my pasta sauce instead of Parmesan.

I have even gone so far as making shrimp tacos and the shell was a piece of thin beef steak- that was a big dose of protein. 

So you want a shake? Make a protein shake and add liquid egg whites too it, I PROMISE, PINKY PROMISE you cant taste it, it just amps up the protein level.

Most importantly read your labels, you'd be surprised the amounts of protein you can find in things!

I hope this helps give you some ideas.
How do you like to eat your protein?
What parts of your goals/resolutions do you tend to struggle with?




  1. What kind of protein powder do you use? I've been researching online but am confused. Lol. I know there's a bunch of junk out there. Thanks!

    1. I know this question isn't for me but I've experimented with various protein powders and my favorite is Cellucor. They have delicious flavors (red velvet, peanut butter marshmallow, cake batter, cinnamon swirl (and much more) - and your typical chocolate and vanilla). It works well with shakes and I've had great luck using it for baking. Go to their website and check them out!

      Also, Quest Nutrition has a new line of protein powders. Their protein bars are FABULOUS so I'm sure their powder will be just as good. Hope this helps! :)

    2. I really love BME Labz whey better protein in chocolate peanut butter cup. It's delish!! Vcor vantage cookies and cream is my second favorite and my next try is going to be 1st Phorm phormula-1 cinnamon toast crunch

  2. I LOVE Quest Bars! Such a great snack and/or dessert. I use plain greek yogurt in a lot of my cooking and baking recipes for added protein. I add it to shakes, mix it with pb and stevia, and even use it as a sour cream substitute! It tastes awful on its own, but is so versatile when you mix it with different things!

    1. I love using great yogurt as sour cream or as the base of veggie dips!

  3. Loving your ideas for protein ideas!! Thank you Thank you!!!

  4. Thank for sharing! I am always struggling with reaching my protein goals. It's hard since I hate chicken and pretty much all meat.

    1. What's your main protein source then? Tofu is pretty good source of protein

  5. Great ideas!! Good luck! My New Year's Resolution is to get right, as well!! I'm not putting numbers on it, I just want to get right!

  6. Thanks for the tips about protein. At this stage in the game I'm not too concerned with hitting macros or anything like that but it is great information to have!

    1. What are your goals then? Nutrition is awfully important

  7. I always need protein ideas so thank you and welcome back!!

  8. Thank you for this!! Several great ideas I have never thought of! I am so glad you are back!