Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bikini Check In, Body Image and a Workout!

Happy Freaking Hump Day!

I have no clue who slipped happy pills into my tea this week but I've just been in a great mood lately! So I'm not complaining! As you all may know, I've been working my butt off on a bikini challenge, read about it HERE. Yesterday marked day 30- so it was time for a serious check in. 

After 30 days of clean eating (with one weekly cheat meal),  working out 6 days a week, drinking around 130 ounces of water a day and I've been working on getting better sleep. Holy cow, why I ever let myself forget that this system is the best for me I will never know. I'm feeling so good. I'm sleeping through the night, I used to wake up frequently, but now I only wake up once for a potty break due to my water intake. My energy levels in the morning are through the roof and my confidence is just climbing now. I was completely uncomfortable in a bikini before and now I'm getting more and more at home in it. I've also managed to lose 4 pounds and a good amount of inches, but I'm in it for the physical results not my relationship with gravity.

Its really hard to trust the process sometimes, but its what I've had to do. I can't tell you how many times I got bored and just opened the cabinets and stared at the hubs fruit gushers. I even opened a pack just to get a smell of them when I was taking him some. I didn't want them, I wasn't hungry but my mind was telling me i NEEded them, but I didn't. I was just bored, plain bored and the colors and smell attracted me. But I didn't let it get to me. Having Tatum for accountability has been beyond amazing. Any time I'm tempted at home or work, I sent her a picture or a video and she'd talk me down from throwing away all the hard work. Like when a girl at work was enjoying a pizza, twix or sugar cookies, man it was hard. But I did the same for her. Its so nice to have support. I'm loving having my husband at the gym with me, he sees me working hard and will come over and cheer me on or give me a high five and that just makes me feel even better.

Here are my Day 1/ Day 30 progress pictures:

I'm pretty happy! I can't wait to see what the next 30 days brings!

Now for Tatum..

Starting Weight: 212 
Current Weight: 197.8

When Jess asked me if I wanted to do a bikini challenge with her starting in March I was stoked.  I mean, I was totally having trouble staying on track eating clean wise and I needed an extra push.  We both had our trainers who gave us an individualized plan and we thought setting up a 60 day challenge to keep each other accountable would be awesome!
So far, we were right.  After 30 days of combining eating clean and following my workout program has left me feeling incredible.  I mean, I literally feel different.  My brain is more balanced, I think clearer.  I’m doing better on my school work. (Yeah, I’m in college.) My body feels good in general –it’s easier for me to digest and process foods.
 Being consistent has been a game changer for me these past four weeks.  
Jess has also been a huge help.  When we see food that isn’t in our meal plan in our house or work we immediately text each other a pic and complain about how bad we want it.  Then we help each other not indulge… Even though it’s hard and she isn’t actually there to make sure I don’t shove it in my face… It’s still nice to be able to vent about the food’s existence.  
It’s been nice seeing that silly scale go back down too! The first week I had an eight pound drop (Just by eating clean!) and since then it’s been about a steady 2 pounds. 
Eating clean has become a lifestyle for me.  I decided that working out was no longer optional –it’s scheduled into my day just like my job/classes.  There’s no avoiding it. I just show up. For myself.  That’s the key.  You have to do this for you.  You gotta dig deep and make that commitment and say that your goals are more important than your excuses.  
When I put that bikini on again for my 30 day progress pictures I felt so much more confident than I did on day 1.  Seriously, eating whole foods that are good for my body has even raised my self esteem and positive body image! Maybe I don’t look like your definition of sexy but hey, I worked hard for that body and those results.  I can’t wait to see what progress I make in the next 30 days!

Look at her go!! 

Through this process I've learned a lot about my body image. I've always struggled with it. Now that I've lost weight the biggest thing I've had to come to terms with is sizes. I'm not a large anymore, but I choose them because I felt comfortable, they hid me better. Tatum kept telling me and nagging at me that I was a medium and needed to accept it.  She got harsh with me and thats what I needed. So I broke down when I was in the store the other day, I grabbed a large tank top off the shelf and was getting ready to check out, but I decided to go back get the medium and try it on. It fit. I was proud, that I tried and that I wasn't pouring myself into a size of clothing that clearly didn't fit just to brag about me being an omg size medium. But it fit, I wasn't uncomfortable, I was happy. Thus I decided to brave the waters and declare all tank tops for me size medium.

The second official medium tank in my collection.

Hows your body image?

Go  HERE to see how good yours is! I took it today and it says my image is soaring high, but 30 days ago I know it would of been a lot more negative. As a reward for our progress Tatum and I are getting these tanks:

And I will be ordering a medium.

Do you reward yourself for progress? How so?

And last but not least a workout! (Sorry this has been like the longest blog post on record.)

This is the workout the hubs has been doing lately and loving it. He had me make up something that would hit all aspects from cardio to lifting to help him lose the non-beer gut.

Now get out there and workout!!!

Hows your week going? How about your challenges?


  1. you GO girl!!! Look at those guns!!! Great job :)

  2. Look at those guns you are getting! Dang! You go girl! :)

  3. Awesome loss for you both!! Love that workout tank--super cute!!