Monday, April 7, 2014

And on the 6th day- He said REST

Good morning all!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was rainy but warm in my neck of the woods so it was a great day to open the windows and relax!

So the weekend is my "rest" days. I hate rest days. I feel lazy and of course on those days I have the absolute most motivation to workout then I ever could imagine. On Sunday I do cardio though. But I take it easy and Saturday is full on rest. I get extremely stir crazy on rest days and I keep telling myself how unimportant they are and that I'm ruining my hard work by not going to the gym. Which is so totally wrong. I have to read up on rest days to continue to convince myself that they are vital and my trainer knows what she's talking about. 

For those of you that don't know, rest days are important because your bodies immune system has to kick into full gear and go into repair mode. When you workout your muscles tear -little tiny tears- this is how they grow. When you give that muscle group a rest it gives your body time to repair them. If you keep working without proper rest they won't grow as strongly as when given rest. And sometimes your mind needs a break too. It never hurts to take a personal day and let you, your muscles and your sanity regroup. As long as you don't take a rest day and merge it into a cheat day ( I have to stay busy or I get the urge to graze and I start drumming up reasons why I need Sonic), you will be able to stay on track to your goals easy peasy! 

On my rest days, I clean house to keep moving a little, relax in a bubble bath and treat myself to a magazine to keep my mind off the gym! What do you do on rest days?

While I was stumbling through Walmart yesterday for lamps- Oh yeah! My living room light fixture stopped working altogether. So in order to be able to see, well anything, I got me cheapo lamps from the college section and threw them together to shed some light on my situation. Bad pun sorry! I couldn't help it! Then my husband with the mind of a 13 year old walks in... "Oh.... you got the ass lamps?" Like really hun? Our lights broke and you're concerned with the fact that I picked up lamps that could resemble an ass if you're thirteen or 46 and desperate? First world problems- eye roll.

But when I was in Walmart I went through the book section and saw The Women of Duck Commander book that just came out. Has anyone read/started reading it? Is it good? I think I'm going to get it anyone, but a little feedback never hurts!

Also my blog hit 700 followers on BlogLovin' and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who follows and supports my journey!



  1. Rest days are so key--but I find it hard to get motivated to start again if I take more than one in a row. I'm still learning, but for now, I give myself 2 rest days a week. I think I may change it to one later!

    1. It is hard but I'm so excitd to get back at it that it gives me enough drive!

  2. Hi jessi, I love the blog...big follower! I tried to find an email address to see if you would want to go a givaway...I sell Jamberry Nails and would love to do an online party/giveaway with you! My email is Let me know what you think!