Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tattoo Responsibly

Happy Hump Day!

Today I have a staff meeting at work. Each month we take turn making yummy treats  to enjoy during the hum blum of work discussion. This month a friend and I took on the task together and went with an Easter theme. I'm the strong one that made the snack but won't be eating it, unless I get it to fit my macros. But I think I can do without, I mean my cheat meals Friday. I'll be fine till then, I'd rather have a meal than a single sweet and throw off my day. I even made my part at work so I didn't have to have the temptation at home- high five for me! My friend made rice crispy easter baskets and I made chocolate covered strawberries that resemble carrots.

The baskets were still warm so the handles weren't wanting to stay up. I also had leftover chocolate, and I HATE to waste anything, so I had this bright idea to use a baggie and "pipe" carrots out of the orange chocolate- worst idea ever. My "carrots" looked like uh.... a male organ.. I'm just going to leave it at that... so they got turned into eggs.

As the title suggests, I'm with a mass of the population that is tattooed. But I'm a stickler with tattoos. I believe they should have a purpose/meaning to you and should be placed responsibly. You shouldn't get a flowery tribal butterfly tramp stamp to get back at your mom- yes I have a friend who did that. My mom always told me that she didn't care if I was tattooed but to think about the placement and careers. If you look at my paleness, you'd think any black ink would stick out like hillbilly at Carnegie Hall- but they don't.  I actually have four tattoos and plan on getting my fifth here soon. I have one behind my ear, one on my wrist, one on my ribs and one on my foot.

An ambigram that reads "believe" and "dream" I got this when I started hair school as a reminder to believe in myself and follow my dreams. ( I can see it in the mirror when I do hair)

My life motto right here- "Make Jokes, No Stress Live Love Life, Proceed ~ Progress" It's actually a Lil Wayne quote, (no shame!) but is a good reminder of how to live. (worst pain)

My hub and I had a relationship full of ups and downs and I got this with his initials beside because you have to have faith to fly sometimes.

As an Irish gal, my sister and I got matching Celtic symbols of sisterhood tattoos. (least painful)

All of these I can hide for occasions when I don't want them seen, but I can also show off most of them if I want. The worst part of having a tattoo is that people judge you.

I was actually asked once if I was in a cult because of the celtic knot. Really people?? And then I get the ones that go " oh you have a Lil Wayne quote- you're trashy" They assume it says something stupid about drugs or rapping. Nope. But I do love tattoos. My doctor actually laughs at me anytime I get a shot or blood work because I will tear up just thinking about the needle. She laughs and asks how I can get tattoos if I hate needles, well because at least when I walk out, it's with something I wanted!

Do you have tattoos? Want a tattoo?

Have a fabulous day!!


  1. No tattoos here--but yours look great:) I've thought about only one, and that's my husband's name on my ring finger, under my wedding ring. Very Real Housewives:) But still a chicken!!

  2. No tattoos here...I'm too wishy washy to commit to anything permanent! ha.
    Worked out because it is against Hubs religion, so I have an easy out other than my fear and indecisiveness.

    I can appreciate the artwork and commitment people make with having them though!

  3. I love hearing about other people's tattoos and the stories. I got my first tattoo last year (you can see it here: ) and now I want more. :) I have a few ideas I'm mulling around - but any tattoo I ever get will be full of meaning because it'll be on my body forever after all.

    Love your comments though b/c I also haaate needs and get lots of anxiety about shots and such. But tattoos just seem different and I was calm. I mean it hurts, a lot, but so worth it in my opinion. Great opportunity for self-expression.

  4. I have a tattoo on my upper right shoulder blade. It is a butterfly that reminds me to be free and dream. There is a heart on each of its wings that represents my grandma and grandpa that passed away. My dad drew it for me, and my parents took me to get it for my 18th birthday.

    I hate that people judge others because they have a tattoo. The most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard!

    I really want a wrist tattoo. How bad was it?

  5. I've got 2. One on my wrist and another on my foot. The one on my wrist i need some work done on. It's an infinity symbol with half a heart but people always ask why i have the number 87 tattooed on me. It drives me nuts. The one on my foot reads "walk by faith" and it's for my dad, although truthfully he would hate it if he knew I had one. I want one so bad behind my ear. And I pretty much have my whole body planned out.

  6. Omgosh, Jessi! Those treats are sooo cute!
    Love your tats, also. I want a dove on my left shoulder and I've been wanting it a while but haven't fully committed yet. Hopefully one day I'll have the courage to go ahead and get it. It's very symbolic for me as a Christian and I know what I want it to look like, I just haven't gotten it yet. lol. Were you nervous when you got your first one?

  7. I do not have any tattoos but, I really want one. I want a celtic love knot and a family knot and have my kids and hubby's initials worked into it.i can't decided where to put them.