Monday, April 28, 2014

Moving Kaos and Instagram Filters

And it's Monday again. I'm not sure where I stepped on the hyper drive button but I'd sure like to turn it off. Lately I've been so busy the days are flying by.
We had a wedding this weekend that the hub was in, so we spent all weekend between picking up a tux, rehearsals, and then the actual wedding. The wedding was beautiful and it went perfectly, I couldn't be more happy for our friends.

At most weddings people are picking up a drunken stupor or a one night stand, me? I picked up a killer sunburn.

Only, plus was I felt my back definition looked good! Aloe Vera is my new best friend.
In the little bit of free time I've been intensely packing. We are moving at the end of this week and over the course of the next two weeks. I've been going through every nook and cranny deciding if that piece of paper I scribbled on two years ago is keep sell or toss. Luckily my sell piles are outweighing my keep piles. The toss piles are making me feel nice and tidy though.

The first two are sell piles, yeah that second one is alllll clothes and shoes. The last picture is my keep pile along with a container full of clothes. I'm having a garage sale with a lady I work with next weekend, so hopefully that goes good!

Today I'm off until the afternoon so I'm going to continue cleaning out cabinets, some food prep and other household fun stuff. Please bare with me while I'm moving, my posts may be off, random or late, but I will do my best :)

Now something that has been bothering me...

Instagram Filters.

I love instagram. It's my favorite form of social media. I love following inspirational people and those that I just enjoy, like Val Holly Tatum Michelle Skinny Meg ECT. I have come to despise those that overuse filters. Why oh why must you take a picture at a ridiculously unnatural angle, in a poorly lit area, pile on the filters, blur part of it out and then put it up acting like its all natural?? WHY? It really kills me. I just don't understand. Yes I do use filters, do I use them on pictures of my progress or of me in general? Not unless I'm playing around, on my progress- no way jose. I use filters on nature shots or of random things I come across. I guess what I'm not understanding is how it can be considered a progress picture if it is over edited and you can't tell what the person really looks like. Hell they show progress, but they also show some killer photoshop skills. What throws me even move is the over edited pictures, but in others pictures of them or in candid shots, its like a completely different person. I guess what my mini rant is all about is just honesty. I keep it honest on instagram because its me and its who I am and its how my journey is going. It's not about how skinny an app and a filter can make me look. Thats also how I choose who I follow for inspiration, how many of their photos are filtered more than your water? 
End of rant :)

Who are your favorite IG accounts to follow?
What are you plans for the day/week?


  1. Absolutely... I love instagram (and Im so upset my new phone doesnt have that app) but people go overboard with filters!

  2. I just recently joined instagram, I feel like it's where all the cool kids are lol. I don't understand using filters either.I don't use many of them occasionally if it's a pic of my kids I will try one. I hope one day to get the courage and post some progress pics.

  3. Is that the Bride and Groom in the top pic? Love that pic. Sneakers, wedding dress and a Harley, perfection!

  4. You don't have to restrict yourself on the off chance that you need to change your inventive vision later.