Friday, April 25, 2014


(Thank God it's flex break Friday!)

So first off you need to head over to Holly's blog and enter her monthly awesome Target Giftcard Giveaway.  Tarrrrjaaayyy is where the awesome stuff is. I love their home decor section, I could spend a fortune there and still not have enough. 

 Also why you clicking around head over to Facebook and like Tatam and I's new page Swole Sistas. It's all about fitness, workouts, recipes motivation. You can also find Tatum on IG @fittatum . 

 While I was hanging out on Holly's page yesterday I saw her repost of a post mimicking a Myspace question-a-ma-jig. It looked like fun so I decided to jump on the non existent bandwagon...  

Thinking... about the nerves I need to summon up to try on dresses in a couple hours for a wedding I have to go to tomorrow. I haven't really worn a dress since my wedding and that was well over 70 pounds ago.  

Wearing... My stained Tar-Jay sweats and tee shirt- comfy not glamour in the mornings for me. 

 Watching... House - I love this show, a little too much. Thank you Netflix for the countless episodes of it. Who doesn't love Hugh Laurie ??  

Liking... The fact that at my yearly check up, my Doctor didn't recognize me. And through the entire awkward procedure she couldn't stop commenting on how amazing I looked and my new little body. She also couldn't stop looking at last years chart.. Talk about a great way to start the day, beside the "lady" parts of the check up.  

Loving... The freakin' amazing cardstock Val sent me via snail mail  

 Testing... wearing tank tops (that aren't workout tanks) in public more often. They used to scare me, but now their growing on me.. 

 Laughing... at a bunch of dumb jokes I can't stop telling anyone and everyone.. 

* Two dyslexics walk into a bra.. 

 * A pirate walks into a bar with the ship's steering wheel stuck to the front of his pants. The bartender asks " Doesn't that hurt?" The pirate growls, "Arghh it's drivin' me nuts." 

 *What's Forrest Gumps password?
 - 1Forrest1 

 I still laugh too hard at these.. oh lawdy.  

We are off for a speedy trip to town to pick up a tux, me a dress, groceries, and of course a cheat meal. Then we have to rocket over to a two horse town for the wedding rehearsal and then home in time just to hit the gym.  

What are your weekend plans?  
Tell me a dumb joke, I love 'em! 


  1. I plan to relax this weekend! The weather has been pretty nice for a couple days so I will try to get to the park. Other than that and cleaning my house, it's going to be a relaxing weekend!

  2. These jokes had me laughing in my office... i wasnt even ashamed! ANd i feel like ive lost all ability to stop watching Netflix since the House release! For real all i wanna do is BINGE on Hugh Laurie. I love how evil yet smart he is. And i never knew that originally it had been based off of Sherlock and Waston. So that has been fun to catch the little things! :)

  3. Look at those GUNS!!! Your arms look incredible. You have to share what routine you have been using?!

  4. the jokes!! I needed that!!