Monday, April 21, 2014

The Adult Life & Easter Giveaway WInner

And Monday rears its head again, but all is well because these beautiful warm days followed by stormy nights has been amazing! The hub and I off today to take part in some moving fun, we are also going to my parents for a "family meeting". BUT First let me take a selfie let's announce the winner of the Jelly Bean Guess!

There were 157 yummy jelly beans in here that I had to throw away, whomp whomp!

And Surprisingly KRISTIN O. guessed correctly!!! If no one got the exact number the next closest guess would of got it. But hot dang Kristin must be a wizard.

So we are off today for a family meeting. Which is pretty hard to grasp I guess. My parents are going over the details of their finally wishes, what they want done with their properties and all that jazz. Which is just hard to grasp by the fact that I know have to accept my parents are getting older and things can change at any moment- but I don't want to think on that.

We also have to tag our car in the county we are moving to, register our new address for a PO Box, start changing address, and start the purge of the house. When I moved out for college and into my first apartment I just had minimal items from my bedroom, then I loaded up my focus with scores from the goodwill and freebies on craigslist. Then of course when I moved in with my now hub, I took all that furniture back to goodwill and let it cycle to the next round of college kids. We bought all our new furnishings together. So if you have any moving advice at all please do tell. Best way to pack? Boxes or rubbermaid containers? Organized? ANYTHING!? 

Tomorrow is Tatum and I's 30th day in our Bikini challenge. Wednesday I will have a post up checking in with both of us, our day one to day 30 pictures and some workouts for you! Hows everyone elses challenges going??

Well I guess I need to start the adult thing, it sure looked more fun when I was little...

How was your Easter weekend?


  1. Yay! I can't believe I guess exactly! I'm emailing you now! Thank you so much!

  2. Sounds like a busy week ahead! I'm the worst packer--I just throw it all in a box. No organization whatsoever! Then I fully regret it when unpacking! Our last move was 3 doors down--so we literally carried most things down the sidewalk--it was a nightmare!!!

  3. I just moved & definitely go with containers/totes. Its a little pricey but well worth it. I packed some things in boxes & regret it since some was stored in a friends garage.

  4. The most genius packing tip ever, that I just learned 6 months ago from my girlfriend: for all your clothes hung up in your closet, take plastic trash bags, group hangers in 10-15 chunks (still hanging with the clothes on them), and pull the trash bugs up fitting the chunk of clothes in them, and tie it up. This will keep ALL your clothes on the hangers, protect them by being in a trash bag and make your life SO much easier!