Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Link Up

As I was moving over the last week, I came across a box that had my childhood items it. We all remember all the different times in school we had to write about or do a project on about what we wanted to be when we grew up, it was fun to see and remember how I thought back then. It also got me to thinking about that MASH game, the one where you found out who you'd marry, how many kids, jobs, honeymoons, ect. The more I thought about those things the more I realized how crazy and far off some of those were. But today, we are all kids again so throw responsibility out the window (you'll need it back later) and join me in this! I made it into a link up- kinda. If you want to take part, copy the button, put it on your page, copy the the questions below, replace with your answers and leave a comment with your blog address! I think this will be fun! 

Marry: Johnny Depp, I just had the hugest crush on him after Pirates of the Caribbean 

Drive: Porshe 911, this was my choice car in a playstation game I played with my cousin all the time, I think it was like Need for Speed or something. It was lime green too.

Live: Hawaii, need I say more?

Job: Flight Attendant and a Lawyer, I was ambitious. I wanted to be like the people on tv and wear cool suites and carry a briefcase and be awesome. I also wanted to wear a cool outfit and fly all over the world for free.

Honeymoon: Ireland, I did a report on it in the 3rd grade and went through a mini obsession with Ireland. I learned to step dance- yeah I was THAT cool.

Kids: I wanted two, a boy and a girl. Because you can totally choose that...

House: A log cabin style mansion, with a kitchen like the disney channel movie "Smart House" and It was going to have a moat around it. Why a moat? I guess I was worried about attacks from other castles at the age of 10..

Pet: A monkey and a koala, because what log cabin mansion protected by a moat doesn't need them?

Now if for old time sakes you want to play the real mash game, theres an app for that. No really there is, go HERE for more info.

Can't wait to see if anyone does this and read them!

Happy Hump Day!