Monday, May 12, 2014

Catchin' Up

Well first off happy belated Mothers Day to everyone! This weekend had been crazy with a Capital headache. I took part in a multi family garage sale to clear out stuff from moving and that was a sideshow act all it's own. We tagged items, loaded items, unloaded items, set up, tore down, set up again and packed off the leftovers to thrift stores. That in itself was enough to make your head spin, but throw in 90 degree weather, and seven children under the age of ten- hectic is an understatement! Talk about rethinking the baby pleas I'd been antagonizing my husband with! ;)

All though the garage sale was a success, my eating wasn't. I hate admitting defeat, but it happens, it's apart of the journey and I'm totally okay with admitting it. Between last weekend being the move and this weekend the sale and working we weren't near either of our homes, nor did we have the goods we needed at the right time. We are out, I ate healthier- like subway salads and chicken wraps and veggies, but I wasn't on my plan. My week days have been great just the weekends have been suffering. But we are going to do our long overdue grocery shopping and today we are both back on the healthy train and not going to let this weekend win!! My workouts have been great and not missing a beat, which is probably the only thing that helps keep me a float. I'm mad at myself for not finding better ways to make sure my eating was on olan, but I'm not going to stress out about It because it's over and done and I can only move on and make the future better. So here's to buckling down and kicking add this week! 

How's your goals coming?

I'm super excited to be off today, I had a seven day stretch I worked and those just take a tole every now and then. Today depending on this great Kansas weather that brought storms all yesterday and early this morning, I'd like to get out and do some gardening. My summer isn't complete till I plant a bunch of pretty flowers and then manage to kill them all off by the Fourth of July. I have a thumb of death when it comes to gardening. Some day I'll break the spell, I hope know I will. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done by one of my best friends and I'm so excited, I love hair days!! It's nice to pamper yourself every now and then! 

What are your plans this week?



  1. Oh man garage sales are enough to drive anyone insane. I never eat really well on the weekends, but I try to eat smaller portions! Gotta have a lil fun ;)

  2. I refuse to have garage sales, I hate them. I hate having them, I hate going to them - blah! Just too much work! I just bag all our unwanted stuff & send it directly to Goodwill. Buh-bye, old crap! Tee hee! :)

  3. You keep your flowers alive until the 4th of July?! What's your secret? Mine are dead a week after I plant them! Hahaha but seriously, I have found that the secret is to plant ALL PERENNIALS so that they come back up every year and all you have to do is a little maintenance work! Also, Asiatic lilies are the hardiest (and one of the most gorgeous!) flowers everrrr. You cannot kill them. CAN. NOT. KILL. THEM. Also, they multiply each year...I planted one stalk in my flower bed two years ago and now I have 18 coming up!

    One more thing: that Buddy the Elf picture made me laugh because my husband's nickname is Buddy the Elf for his love of sweets. He puts syrup on his cereal, no joke. He makes me sick.

  4. Girl I am looking up yard/garage sales this weekend where I live. I went to NC with some family for a graduation & it was blazing HOT but I scored some awesome things while there, now I'm pumped to do it here since we moved to a much more populated area