Monday, May 5, 2014

We Survived The Move.

BRRR! It's cold this morning!

So the last two days have been hectic to say the least. We managed to move in 4 trips, 6 loads, and I didn't go to jail for murder or strangulation. They never made me drive with the trailer, and I only had to drive the beast of a big truck once!

I had one tip from a reader here that said bag your clothes on the hanger...THANK YOU! That made unpacking a billion and one times easier.

We are all unpacked and getting settled in, I made sure to unpack the same day that I brought stuff. The top pictures were day one and the bottom, day two- as you can tell the stress was showing.

Along with moving it made it hard to follow my meal plan, I tried but hell either my food was in one place, or the cooking items were in the other, or we'd have a lil emergency that made us run to town to the store. It was just a mess, I didn't eat badly, I just forgot to eat. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I'd get so busy unloading or unpacking that I lost track of time. But today I'm back at it 110% so my body doesn't feel starved.

How stressful was moving for you?

I did get this B-E-A-utiful necklace in the mail from the lovely Tatum.

She got it for me to remember to be empowered and basically be awesome. I'm so glad to have an accountability partner. And after this crazy weekend, I need this!!

Which by the way if you ever need someone to vent to about workout problems or successes, feel free to email me. I do my best to respond within 24hours and as for comments on here, I do respond to them through email! :)

If this weather stays beautiful this morning and my Garmin charges I might just have to go for a run.

How was your weekend?


  1. Moving is never fun we are a military family and I always think the next move will be less stressful. Of course it isn't. Fingers crossed we will only have one more big move. Glad it went pretty smoothly for you. Have an awesome week!!!

  2. I'm so glad you used the clothing/hanger/bag method! I tell everyone about that ever since my friend showed it to me when she was helping me pack for my last move! It's a time saver for sure!! Glad the move went well.

  3. Moving is never fun. I thought I was going to scream the last time we moved. We decided to do it all without any moving trucks, just a friends pick-up for the big stuff, my car for the other stuff and my sister showed up over the weekend. Without her there I probably would have screamed to be honest. She helped me get things back into order at the new house and helped me clean the old house. My biggest peeve is things out of order once we move, hate trying to find things in boxes and unpack. Glad your move went well!!!

  4. I hate moving but once everything is in its place you'll feel way better :)
    I cant wait to get home and go for a run, the weather is perfect for it.

  5. WAHOO for getting it done & over, right? LOL Moving is just horrible, no matter what (or at least in my

  6. I LOVE the necklace!! Where is it from???

    (I'm ignoring the rest of the post about moving because I will be in that same boat in a couple weeks and it's already stressing me out LOL Can't we just blink and nod and everything is moved perfectly?! It's not the moving part that is stressful for me, the worst is the PACKING. UUUGGGHHHH)

  7. Congrats on the successful move...moving can be super stressful!! I just wanted to comment and say how sweet it is of you to offer to be there as a support person for workout venting or successes. It seems a lot of bloggers wouldn't take the time to give that personal touch to their readers, so that sets you apart and makes you awesome!!! Thanks! :)