Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Swag Swap Goodies!

Happy Hump Day!!!!

So today I'm showing off the goodies I got in the Swag Swap I took part in, that was hosted by Alicia at Brew Mama and Candra at Camo and Lipstick. My partner was Brittany! You can find her on Instagram at @brittany__harper and her blog HERE. So here's what I got..

This freaking cute customized decal is still on its way, but she sent me a sneak peak so I could post about it. I'm excited, its too freaking cute!

This snazzy outfit and headbands, there is also a purple glitter one, but its at the gym because I couldn't resist not wearing it!

No, there aren't any babies but this little container is perfect for my little snacks on the go! And really, who can't use a water bottle. You can never have enough! (And it's PINK)

Ahhh my favorite things to relax with, this bath soak is an absolute must have of mine and I always keep some on hand, I was actually out so my mind was read! And yummies of Justin's Peanut Butter Blend (All-Natural) and a scrumdiddlyumptious Quest Bar!!

Brittany did an amazing job, I've already used everything in some way! I hope she enjoyed her gifts as well!

Swag Swaps are super fun, this was my first and I'm definitely interested in doing more, Thanks Alicia and Candra for putting it all together!!

Brew Mama

In other news, over my past two day off I got my wildflowers planted

It was freezing last night so they got to sit inside, and today they are going out for some sun. I will not kill these, I will not kill these...

I also got my hair done

The color didn't take like I wanted it to :( I had more of my natural color added in and some brown, but the brown lowlights didn't seem to stick. But it's okay, it's hair it colors easily. But I took off four inches of nasty-ness! Cheers to healthy hair!! And if you have any shade of blonde hair, I highly reccomend Matrix' So Silver. It's a purple shampoo that does wonders, I swear by it and have used it for 3 1/2 years.

Hows Your week so far?
Have you done a Swag Swap?


  1. haha, that is actually for protein powder! hahaha... I meant to include a note explaining it but forgot!! Im really glad you liked everything! I posted mine on IG, maybe ill blog about it too!

  2. That swag swap looks like a lot of fun!! Love the protein powder container idea, I am always looking for a way to stash mine while on the go!

  3. Love your swag!!! Brittany is the bomb!!

  4. Wow, awesome gifts!!! Love the outfit!

    Color NEVER takes on my hair. I'm a natural blonde (clear eyelashes and all!), and I've wanted DARK hair for as long as I can remember. Tried several times, it ALWAYS comes out muddy/grayish/etc., so I finally gave up the dream. Sigh. I was born to be blonde. Love your hair though, it always looks so cute!

  5. Your hair always looks so cute on here! What conditioner do you use with the So Silver? =)

  6. OMG that bath salt is the BOMB!!!!!!