Friday, May 23, 2014

Travels and Weekday Shenanigans

Happy Friday Love's!

     Wednesday I left for a class in Kansas City Missouri. My sister lives outside of the city in Grain Valley, so I used this as an excuse to get to go see her and my lovely little niece. I really hate long drives though, I'm terrible in car rides with others, because I always want to go to sleep, but when I'm driving its a battle of not getting tired and trying not to just get bored where I want to stop. Road construction made it even better- not. 

So I checked into my hotel first, I stayed at the Staybridge Suites, just because of the awesome gym they had.

It had free weights, the bowflex style machine, and the essentials. Its by far the best hotel gym I've seen. When I make reservations, I scope out the hotel to make sure the room will have a fridge and that the gym is at least semi functional.

Because I'm from such a small area, my parents called me and asked that I make a special trip to Costco for them. It's like bringing home the Holy Grail.

After getting the important stuff out of the way like 30 thousand rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. I met up wit my niece and sister and we spent the day together. We got our nails polished, did some light shopping and went out to dinner at Cheddars.

She was sad Aunt Jeshi had to leave, but bribery always works, get her to chear up with promises of a nerd slush from sonic.

I loved my shirt for class. I got it at Vanity and it had a little peek a boo in the back to show off some back definition.

The worst part was traffic. I hate driving in bigger cities, I get road rage and so all these people and the congestion of the road didn't help.

I did manage to eat decent. Chicken and vegetables, lots of water, eggs and yogurt for breakfast, healthy snacks and more water. Tatum and I's 60 day challenge ended Yesterday, I haven't had a chance to take my pictures yet, but I will have them up on Monday, and then we are jumping in for round too. I began to stray this last part of it because of crazy life, but as of Monday my life should be completely back to normal. Which will make plenty of time for workouts, food prep, and all the good food I can handle. I hate getting off schedule. I like routines and having a plan for the day. But just becasue I'm in between plans right now, doesn't mean I'm going to eat shit. I'm still utilizing my meal plans, and working out. Then Sunday the hub and I are going to pack a healthy lunch and go spend the day walking around Rolling Hills Refuge Zoo.

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I hate traffic and driving long distances too! Your shirt is awesome!

  2. I am friends with your sister on Facebook. I recognized the kiddo. What a small world!!!

  3. I love long trips in the car by myself. I can blare the music, sing along & just drive. I love it! So, if you need a driver, you look me up & I'll drive for'll just have to excuse my singing. ;)