Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday

Yowzers. This week seemed to just fly past. I'm getting the hang of this morning life, I'm actually coming to really like it. I get up go to the gym, eat breakfast, do laundry and I even have time to take a little nap each day and I LOVE it! But now the next few mornings and days are going to be filled with packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking. Blah. I know that over the next week I may not be the best with keeping up with the blog because I'm not sure where my computer will be, when I'll have internet or if I'll be hiding in a closet. So please bare with me. But today I'm linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday.

Childhood memories.. Did anyone else see this on Facebook The Class of 2018 will never know... ? It made me think about some awesome things from my childhood that I loved and had forgotten about or haven't seen since.


Sky Dancers.

I had this exact one and I would refuse to put it down. I always managed to get in trouble for aiming it at things or playing with it in the car...


The show Molly and the Big Comfy Couch..

I watched this show religiously.



I drank this way too much. My friends and I were on a ski trip and we would mix it with orange juice and take it on the slopes with us, because of the OJ we thought it made it breakfast acceptable. 


Ez Squirt Colored Ketchup

I had the green and it gave me the heebie jeebies. It just wasn't normal and it scared me.


WOW Potato Chips

I think I just liked these because they said WOW.  But now as an adult and being able to understand the "anal leakage" issues these were linked with.. I don't miss them near as much..

What do you miss??



  1. New follower from Holly's giveaway last week. I totally missed the list about all the things that class will miss, but I just laughed the whole way through it. Its so sad they won't understand those things haha. Sky Dancers were the shit by the way. I think I had like 3 of them and played with them allllll the time! Good luck with the move this weekend!

  2. My sister and I had sky dancers wet loved them so much!!!! I remember watching the big comfy couch with my baby sis it was one of her faves. I tried drinking vault once it gave me such a horrible headache I stirred clear. I never understood how wow chips made it to grocery store shelves lol.

  3. Love it! I had to watch that damn show with the kids I nannnied for, ugh...And the anal leakage about did me in!! I so remember buying those chips and experiencing said leakage, yuck.