Sunday, May 18, 2014

Breaking The Vampire Curse

Good Morning!!

I apologize for being MIA randomly. But I do have a good excuse the dog ate my keyboard...

For the last three and a half years the husband and I have been working night/evening jobs. He works in production and of course the second shift pays more so that is where he gravitated too. I wanted to see him so I began adjusting my schedule to fit somewhat around his. We would typically go to bed between 5 and 8 in the morning and get up between 1-4 in the afternoon. We hardly saw daylight. In our downtime, ninety percent of the world was closed, it was dark and nothing was going on. That was the time I surfed the internet, did all my blog posts, killed time, played games ect. Just because there wasn't a whole lot else that we really could do. But over the last couple weeks we have transitioned from vampires to normies,

 we get up between 6 and 8 in the morning and are fast asleep by 1am at the latest. We have time to be outside, go on walks and just enjoy the convenience of the schedule. We even started eating breakfast outside just to take more advantage of the sunlight. I started planting flowers, he started random outdoor projects, heck we are basically just finding every excuse we can to be outside more.

Our phones and computers have been seriously neglected and for once I'm not minding that I hardly know what is going on in social media. Mostly because I'm actually just getting to spend time with my husband. This extra time is doing us good, we actually begun discussing the future of babies :) Not for a while longer though mom. But we've had a lot of good deep talks. So I do apologize if my posting is spotty or I disappear for a day or two :)

All though the move and the change of schedule has been good for us relationship wise, our food and workouts took a bit of a beating. Not too terrible but we just either haven't been eating or when we do it eat its not the absolute best. I can say the scale hasn't budged either way, so that is good. But I need to get my ass back in gear. Luckily Complete Nutrition had their huge customer appreciation sale so the Hub and I stocked up and our making this week a good one. We are also trying to incorporate more outdoor activities into our lives along with workouts. We are going to the Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge/Zoo in Salina on Sunday which is a HUGE park with lots of walking involved and are going to have a healthy picnic!

What are some of your favorite cheap/free and fun activities to do outside with you lovies?!
How was your weekend?



  1. Hey hubby comes before any social media. & Hello baby talk (that's awesome)

  2. Yeah family comes first we all need to spend more time outdoors with loved ones.

  3. There is nothing wrong with pulling away from the computer/phone to do some fun outdoor activities. I'll be doing that this weekend, I'm going camping & there is little to no reception where I go - I love it! :)

  4. Yay for getting to spend more time with your hubby :)