Monday, August 31, 2015

Shaking Things Up

Hey Hey Hey!

I know I dropped off the face of the planet for a bit. I had this crazy idea one night when I found a two-day old shaker cup in my gym bag. GAG! I was scrubbing it out and thinking to myself, "man there really has to be an easier way". I remembered in high school at McDonald's we had these little tablets we dropped in the coffee pot to help clean the glass and rid the smell, so I set off to the store thinking about the basics I learned in that year of college chemistry.  I mixed things up and the next morning I gave them a try and the results blew me away. They worked! So I made a larger batch, handed them out and am still doing some testing on them. So far the results have all been in my favor. I call them Shaker Bomb's and they have removed the odor from a 5 day old shaker cup, a 2 day old milk sippy cup, week old lasagna Tupperware, 2 day old pre-workout, 3 day old amino shaker, a glass blender and many day old protein shaker cups. I have them out to another group of people and am awaiting more feedback, but fingers they don't let me down. A lot of my extra time was towards that lately.

Besides random kitchen concoctions, last weekend the hubs, some friends and I went to Kansas City to see the Seahawks play the Chiefs preseason. ( Got to love Company Tickets) We had a blast at the game, went out to dinner, the hub and I shared a mixed drink ( we drink a few times a year), and then hit the hotel. 
Someone was hungry and
 didn't like being interrupted.

We splurged on a Jacuzzi Sweet at our favorite hotel in the area, Stoney Creek Inn. I kid you not if you are near Independence Missouri (10-15 minutes from downtown), staying at the Stoney Creek Inn will be the best decision of your trip. It is well priced for the area, free breakfast (waffles!), good gym, indoor/outdoor pool, all rooms have different decor, spectacular views and conveniently located. The next day we headed to Trader Joe's, where the hubs popped a tire, thank God for an emergency fund for just that reason. Please tell me that we are not the only couple that spent thirty minutes bickering about a tow truck and buying a tire, just to make up and find the positives after it was all said and done? Either way, we made it home with just losing an hour in the Tireshank Redemption.

Hair gel and wind didn't mix..

The Hotel has patch around this beautiful Pond

Ty has continued with his consistency and dropped a few more pounds this week - so proud of his dedication and hard work! He is starting week five of his program and he hopes to see some ab definition soon. I'm excited to start working with a coach, Whitney Nava! This girl is amazing! She blows me away with the progress she made on her road to the stage, especially from being overweight. Working with her will help me be more accountable, make sure my workouts are on track with my goals and that I'm doing things all correctly. Check her out on Instagram and see the killer package she brought to the stage last weekend. 

This weekend Ty took me out on my first crotch rocket ride. No lie, scaredy pants was I. We went straight to the interstate and I had an unsettled feeling, so he pulled over and let me get more comfortable and reassured me he knew what he was doing. I felt better once we got going again, but that two-hour trip was a long one for my first time. My things and calves hurt from where I squeezed the bike. But at the end of it I had a blast and he got to play on his toy.

Well, we are gearing up for a new week, my workout times and plan have shifted, so it will take a day or two to adjust too. Tuesday night I have a high school volleyball game to attend. A close family friends daughter is playing. Which is crazy that she is a sophomore already, I used to babysit that little 5-year-old!! Gahh I feel old!

I'm going to finish off my omelet and head to the gym for some interval training, yay! 

Have a great Monday all!!

- Jess

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  1. Fun weekend! You are really on to something with those shaker bombs!! No matter how much I scrub, it still smells! They would even be great for my travel coffee mugs. Good luck!! Would love to try them when you have them ready to go!