Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Consistency, Consistency and Splurging

Here in podunk Kansas we are experiencing thunderstorms, which is awesome! It's been a few weeks since it has cooled down and got out of the high 90's. So it makes me all happy and fuzzy inside to have the windows open all night and that I got to watch some light shows before bed. 
I started my new plan from Kris Gethin, and it is going good. It's a little different so far. Smaller sets, less moves. After coming off of an intense long cut formulated workout it is weird to be done so soon. I have split cardio 20 minutes am/pm. I've been getting up in the AM and hitting the gym and doing my morning cardio and my lifts and then after Ty gets off work we head to the gym and do cardio together and then I help him through his lifts. He hasn't lifted for about 7 years so we are working on the basics and finding the base weights he can do and tracking them in a notebook so we can keep improving. 

We did sprints tonight, he wasn't thrilled to be doing them either.

Tonight he will be on his own for most of it, my gym has classes each day and since I moved my workouts to morning, I have time for Wednesday Yoga Toning! I'm super excited because I really enjoy but I hadn't lived near any place that offered it!

I'm so happy to see my biceps curving up and out more. I worked for a about a year and a half and that first picture is as far as I ever could get it. That was at the end of June and in the last month my arms have grown nicely.  Also I can't say I mind seeing that quad split popping out...

With wanting to compete there will be poses that require me to learn how to flex out the right muscles. This is the first one I've been working on and it's to showcase my lat spread.  I still am a complete ameture but well gotta start somewhere.

The majority of my muscle growth has come from the last month. Honestly I can say it is from consistency. Splurging on the gym membership has helped me stay motivated and increased my effort. The company gym I was going for had no air or fans so it was hot and stuff, smelled and lacked equipment. Now with all the equipment, AC and just clean enviroment I'm pushing harder there than trying to get out. 

My diet has also improved, consistency again is so important. I got my macros back from Jessie Deye, they are up from where I was and she really stresses focussing on meeting your macros first, then your calorie goals. So that is what I'm going to try this month to see how much of an impact it has on me. I also splurged and upgraded My Fitness Pal. Yeah it was $50 and I think it is stupid, but I use it daily, I rely on it for tracking so It helped justify the purchase. 

For me it has been great.  You can set your macros by percentages and choose what view of values you want at the top. I'm hoping this will help me focus in on tracking macros not calories.

Don't let anything stop you from your goals, no one is perfect or happy all the time. Focus on you and making yourself better.

What do you focus on calorie wise, macros or calorie total?
Do you eat back your workout points?
How do you track?



  1. I focus on macros mainly because I find that calories tend be off because a lot of companies generally round their total calories! I do not eat back my workout points because my macros are set due to my activity level which allows me to eat more than if i was not working out...if that makes sense? I track using MyFitness Pal! Good Luck to you!

  2. Look at those guns!! Damn, girl! :)

  3. Are you taking on Rhonda Rousey next? Go girl!

    1. Psh! I'd love to spend a day with her, she is such a badass! lol