Friday, August 14, 2015



Today is the first game for my Seahawks and boy am I excited to watch them play! I have missed football season dearly! Who's your team? 

Friday also means a slow down at work. I love my promotion and my job, but there are so many things that go into each and every quote that it makes my head spin! Fridays always seem to be a slower day; letting me get all caught up and able to close out some sales. 

However, the best part about Friday is my upcoming cheat meal. Ty and I splurge, budget and macro wise, by eating out once a week. If you shop at Kroger/Dillons, go buy a gift card from there for wherever you are going out to eat. You'll earn 2 times the fuel points on it, and for us that is worth the stop.

Yoga Wednesday night was a great stretching and toning session. My shoulders are super duper tight, so between regular stretching and rolling around on my dog toy ball, yoga sure is helping. I lost my foam roller in the move....I'm not sure how, I mean it wasn't exactly tiny....

I spent last night cleaning the house in preparation for some R&R before the game. Did I say I'm excited? :) 

Gearing up for Leg day today; what's on your plan for today? Ty has deadlifts and he is really struggling with keeping his back flat. He also has issues standing up straight, lifetime of poor posture, any tips on how he can really improve his form and stance?

While cleaning last night I cracked open two shaker cups that were a little ripe, GAG, which led me to an epiphany! I put together that year of college chemistry, my mother's superb cleaning knowledge, and concocted "shaker bombs." A fellow fit lover at work is bringing in her shaker cup this morning and I'll have one after the gym to give them a trial run. Fingers crossed that they"ll work!

I posted on IG about a protein "crepe" recipe, give this baby a go it is so yummy!
18 grams of Flap Jacked Pancake Mixed with about 5-6 TBSPS of egg whites, pour into a sprayed skillet that is slightly warmed up over medium heat. Let it be until no liquid is left, slide a spatula around the edges and when it is golden brown on the bottom, pop it out! I put a 1/2 cup of raspberries, walden's strawberry syrup, as well as a walnut/almond 100 calorie pack inside it and rolled it up.

I've been craving junk foods lately so I've been getting more creative with my macros. Yesterday, I created the French PB&J Toaster Sandwich. I took 2 pieces of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread, spread 2 TBSP of Justin's Almond Butter on it, 2 TBSP of Fit and Active Strawberry Jam and closed it up. I heated up my ungreased skillet, poured 1/2 cup egg whites mixed with cinnamon into a shallow dish and dropped in the sammy. Flipped it and let it sit to get a good absorb, not all will absorb, but hang on to it. Put the dipped sandwich in the skillet and poured the remaining egg whites onto the bread slowly as it absorbs. Flip it, plate it and enjoy! I'm going to try it for breakfast with some syrup...ahhhh heaven is what that sounds like.

Well best get to the gym so I can get back and get down on that breakfast!

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Isn't it great that football is back in our lives?! I got to watch my Packers beat the Patriots last night. I've missed those boys, that's for sure. :)