Monday, August 10, 2015

Rest and Repeat

The week seems to pass slowly but the weekend always sneaks past me, sigh.

Friday Night  I went with the hub to the gym for his workout after work it was like 9pm when we got done. I was hungry, he was hungry, we headed to town and went to Applebee's for a cheat meal. We went ahead and when grocery shopping while we were there so we could spend the weekend at home.

Dillons started selling FlapJacked pancake mix, that was so exciting for me! So Saturday morning after our gym session we came back and had pancakes. Let me tell you, if you haven't tried them you should! They are fluffy, filling and delicious. No wierd protein after taste! The hub doesn't like protein powder but he loved these. I have tried a few other brands and this one had the best taste. we had the plain buttermilk, I really want to try the apple cinnamon next!

My Fitness Pal also let me know that I have been tracking my foods for a 100 days now. That is so awesome to see and it makes me want to make sure I don't let that slip away, because that is a good streak!

Freezing bananas is a great way to keep them when they start to spoil and use them for shakes or ice cream and so on. I find they stay less mushy if i freeze in the peel and then just peel with a potato peeler when I need them. 

I spent Saturday, cleaning up the house and relaxed and watched a movie on TV, That's My Boy with Adam Sandler could not be passed up.  I made a healthier  version of Applebee's Fiesta Lime Chicken because the hub said he wanted applebee's again and well that was out of the question and the diet! 

It was really good and very filling, you could use whatever salsa you wanted, this was just the only one we had on hand.

Sunday, I slept in and gosh it was glorious. I don't mind getting up and going to the gym, and I actually enjoy it, but I also enjoy those days I can just relax and get up when my body is ready. My body is worn out. We only have a shower and sometimes you just want to relax and soak to help your body, So I either head to my moms house or I head to the gym for the hot tub. Last week I sent the hubby for a surprise, I love you, massage and well I think this body needs one this week. Sundays are pretty boring for us, I food prep, write up our workouts and get geared up for the week. All though that is about to change.  Football Season Starts this week, well Pre-season at least.We are pretty boring for a 23 and a 26 year old. Was your weekend exciting or are we not as lame as it seems??

Next weekend we have tickets to the Chiefs Vs Seahawks. Where I work has season tickets for the Chiefs, that employees can sign up for. I only sign up for the games that involve the Seahawks, obviously!  But we are excited to get to watch them play again, even if it is just Preseason.

Since we will be in the city, we will probably swing  by Trader Joe's also. It really sucks to live three hours from one, they are such fun stores, with everything up my alley.

Along with relaxing on Sunday I was icing my arms, that HIIT Burpee class on  Thursday really did a number on my arms and they are sore. Does anyone else have this problem??  It is mostly in my forearm and then the inside of the bicep.

The hub works super late tonight, so he is going to try to hang with me at these morning gym sessions. We will see how this plays out... He really has been putting in good effort at the gym, he is getting better about eating too. Food really is the hard part of lifestyle changes. Weekends are also when people tend to slip up. But it's okay you slip up, just move on and get back after it, don't let one mistake create the whole avalanche.

Go out today, workout, eat right drink your water and enjoy your day! Happy Monday all!

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  1. Mmmm, pancakes. Dammit, now I want pancakes. Ha!