Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oreo's and Motivation

Today will go on forever. The hub had to be at work at 4 this morning so this household was up and at it and 3 am. Terrible. That last hour and twenty minutes of sleep I missed out makes all the difference. It will be an early bedtime tonight after Yoga. 

I'm really looking forward to Yoga now, I find myself excited the day after waiting for the next week. It is a bit of a challenge, things like planks and plank twists, those are a hell of a time on the core. I really like the long deep stretches, those make me feel all warm and tingly. I treated myself to a massage on Monday night and that felt so good. Nice deep and relaxing. I really encourage anyone who works out to get a massage if they can once every month or two. As a former massage therapist, I really can speak to the long effects it can have on your body. It will help with chronic back pains, migraines, pulled muscles ect. Ty and I both wish we could have them more often, but ain't nobody got time for that.

So uh.. when did this happen and how did I miss it?

I need to find these and make them mine.  These will be a true test of my will power. I've been doing really good about staying strict to my macros, no finger in the peanut butter, no picking chips or fries off the hubs plate and now jolly ranchers from the snack jar at work.

We really love our nut and cookie butters in this household...

I have to keep myself in check because it would be to easy just to sleep in and eat whatever I wanted with no thought about the effects.

This reality is not one I want to go back too, we were happy and miserable at the same time. We were overweight, felt like crap most of the time and just plain lazy. It was the middle of summer and I was wearing a hoodie because I thought it made me look less fat. Nope, just hot and sweaty.

I don't expect him to "gym" like I do, but I really am so proud of the effort he has put in this entire year to lose over 30lbs, keep it off and now trying to get some muscles. I can't make him do it, I can help him, but he has to make the motivation, put in the effort and eat right.

I'm in a bunch of motivation/fitness advice groups on facebook and I tell you it tries my soul to see the hundreds of people posting about how they want to lose weight but they can't stick to it, they can't make time for the gym, they can't eat healthy, they do not have time for it and want to know a "secret" or the quick fix. News flash, there is no quick fix, no secret. If you want it you want it and you will go after it. I've been there wanting to get fit but not wanting to change, I didn't want to put in effort, I wanted to continue doing the same thing and get different results. It doesn't work that way. I found out the hard way, that I had to want it and want every part of it. It will click and once it clicks, you are in for an amazing ride. I promise, put in the work and you will start seeing results and you will be addicted, because you have found the "secret".

On a lighter note..

The other day I wrapped my two day hair in a headband and got these gawjuss curls!!! hair sprayed them and rocked them! Hows your favorite way to get pretty curls?

Well poop, I need to get my motivation game on and head to the gym. I have a heavy work day today.. sigh..

Yay for Wednesday!

Happy Humpday Everyone!!!



  1. THE COOKIES ARE AT HARRIS TEETER!!!! I saw them today!

    1. You'll have to slap some sense into me, what is a harris teeter?!