Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fire People Coming..

I told you I was going to really give this another go!

So Wednesday I'm sitting at work, I pull open my desk drawer to get a piece of gum, my phone is lit up with a text from my husband. It simply reads "Fire people coming our house". 

Side eye.

Backstory here, my husband is terrible about texting in emergency situations, my friend Tatum was in a car wreck, she texted me saying, " Im okay, but I was in a car wreck and my cars totalled". I knew she was okay so I wasn't panicking. Ty, who didn't know she'd texted me yet sent me this- "Tatum was in a car wreck." Like you can't just leave me hanging like that!!

Back to Yesterday.. I immediately dial his cell, he doesn't answer, I end up frantically calling four times before getting an answer. Turns out, our apartment building is on fire. Its an old victorian house that has been turned into 6 apartments so its more like a room in your house is on fire vs an apartment. The apartment is above ours and a to the side a bit..if that makes sense. Either way, she had left her stove burner on, it got the countertop and cabinet so hot beside it that it caught the things on the counter on fire, spreading to the cabinets. Luckily it all went up, she and her kids weren't home. There's damage but, everyone is alright.

Ty had actually heard the smoke alarm in the hall going off but it stopped and he shrugged it off thinking someone was cooking or so on. I was expecting a package today so I told him to be on the look out, he decided to go out and see if it was left by our mailboxes, opened the door and saw smoke coming down the stairs.. him and the neighbor down here walked up stairs to see smoke pouring out from the door and he called 911. They did what they call a two alarm, which means the first responders came, then they called for a second truck and more firefighters to come. They had to enter carefully without letting in too much oxygen to cause an explosion. It was scary, and hard to focus, but man I'm very thankful that the most we suffered was smoke smell heavily in our apartment. We had to leave our windows open to help vent, so after work and this day I said hey, lets just go out to eat tonight instead of this weekend.

That is another thing I love about IIFYM because I made it work to my advantage and was able to relax a bit.

Wednesday Morning I had the Fitness guru, I guess we can call her, at my gym do my body fat. The gym is actually the wellness center of the Hospital too so the people that work there actually are quite knowledgeable and well trained. 

I was freaking shocked to see my Body Fat. 22.4!?!?!?!?!  I really expected it to be more around 27-32 range. I see my loose skin and forget that it is just that- skin. This really kicked up my motivation levels though!!! I can't wait to get this redone and see the progress in a few months!!

Tuesday's workout was powered by 1st Phorm. I really don't think about all the stuff I have being labeled and just use it, but then in hindsight, I realize, I've become "that girl" the one with the backpack and blah blah, but I'm totally fine with it. Judge me.
That is Dana Linn Bailey's signature on my shirt so I of course went really freaking hard too. When DLB has your back anything is possible! :)

I was really surprised that this song didn't get many workout remix videos. I felt it need one, I've been doing this twice a week for about two weeks now with a 9lb bar and it gets you right in the quads and arms!! Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Yeah thats right, go watch me whip! 

I won a giftcard so of course I had to splurge on the supplements I've always wanted to try but didn't "need". I got a calcium magnesium and zinc mix to help with muscle and joints., B-100 Complex for allllll the vitamin B needs. All herbal Water pills for those pesky bloat days. Last but least I got Nitric Oxide supplement to try today  to see if it really does help my blood flow, energy and pumps. I'll let you know! Off to crush some chest/back and abs... lets see what this day has in store for me!

This is what is in my supplement basket..( no they are not all taken each day) what do you use and why??



  1. Wow, that's scary but very lucky that the fire was contained. Eeek!

    Mandie ~

  2. Glad to see your back! Love your IG and blog posts! Keep up your awesome work!