Monday, February 9, 2015

Pushing Through a Plateau

Happy Monday!

So Friday, I took off work and took the hubs on a surprise ski trip for his birthday. He had never been skiing but has always wanted to try it. There is a place in Weston Missouri Snow Creek that has some basic trails and they also offer tubing! It was a great deal, between lift tickets and full rentals it cost $130 for the both of us. I had been budgeting for it and also got my quarterly bonus a couple weeks ago that made it all possible. For being in Missouri, and having manufactured snow, it was so much freaking fun. Ty has already started nagging me to go back. If your in the area and looking for a fun day trip, I highly recommend it!! I'm really just proud that I never fell this time and taught him how to ski...he fell a few times and it was hilarious! (Yes I helped him up!)

So anyways..

Displaying image.jpegI bet you're noticing that my posts are erratic- here's why... When I got back into the groove of blogging at the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to make my posts more for quality (sometimes I just don't have much to say...SHOCKER :) )than anything and it is also here for me to be accountable too. Yes I am still in my 12 week challenge, yesterday was check in for week 4, at week 6 I will have progress pictures of the hub and I, our new body composition numbers and inches so far. but here is a bit of a progress check in for you...

I'm really noticing changes in my arms/back and I can finally see little tiny microscopic baby abs least the top two . They are very welcome to bring their friends for a 6 pack attack- Someday!

But the main thing I came to talk about today was Plateaus. We all hit them and we all hate them. I experienced many of them and have my weight stuck again. It is a struggle, but that also means you need to reevaluate yourself. They are going to happen and there is no avoiding them at some point. Just like everything and everyone, our bodies get complacent in what they are doing and the intensity gets taken down a notch.

Let's hit the Plateau check list..

* Are you eating enough calories to support your activity level??

*Are you eating back all the calories you burn? (this can be a devil in a sundress, you think you are fine to have that extra whatever because you worked out but they don't balance and then you are over on your intake)

*Are you doing cardio?? (Strength training is great and I love every minute of it, but it doesn't burn the calories they way cardio does. A great workout includes both!)

*Are you being consistent? Are you really giving it your all? Can you up the weight, increase your speed, clean up your cheats?

*Are your cheat meals turning to cheat days?

*Are you getting enough sleep?

*Are you stressed out?

*Are you eating enough Protein?

*Are you snacking and not counting it?

Don't worry, if any of those struck home, because it is all fixable!!! You got a little off track all is good and will be good. You just have to re gear up and get out there and kick some ass.

*Take measurements, muscle out weighs fat, so maybe you lost a few pounds and now muscle fills their spot. 

*Progress Pictures, show yourself the changes that happen and let yourself be reminded of why you started.

*Up your calories 

*Track every single thing you eat

*Drink more water

*Relax!! Try yoga to unwind and tone your body

*Sleep more

*Try new workouts

*Be patient. This is the most important one. Keep working hard and doing your best and the plateau will fade away. It is not forever (all though it  feels that way)! Find a friend or an accountability partner to help get you fired up again!

What did you do this weekend? How do you get  through plateau's?


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