Monday, March 9, 2015

Sup Life

Happy Monday my friends, today is the first day of the rest of my life. Well the first day of the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse so it could end my love affair with cheese. Sigh. 
I have had quite a few people asking about supplements, what to take, why, who, when and ect. So from my professional dieting experience I have taken, tested and sampled many a different types.  Let me start with just the basics.

Each day I take a vitamin B12, vitamin C, a probiotic, a water pill, a fat burner and then something for toning or body function, milk thistle and a cranberry pill. The best way to keep on top of these is get a pill organizer and make them up a week at a time, this is what I do and it takes the thinking out of it!

B12- Supports Metabolism and Natural Energy
C- Immune support
Water Pill - Helps with excess water weight and bloating

Milk Thistle-  Supports Healthy Liver Function
Cranberry Pill -Urinary Tract Wellness
Probiotic - Digestive tract support

Along with the daily vitamins,  I use:


All of these are from Complete Nutrition The Immune Stix taste just like starburst but are filled with immune boosting goodies!! I kid you not, it has been almost two years since I remember being sick, like stay at home sick - knock on wood! The BCAA Aminos I drink during my workouts so my muscles get the necessary power they need. The Cheat Pills are great to keep around when eating out, they are a carb blocker and also help with hangovers!

These are all from 1st Phorm. Phormula-1 is my current love when it comes to protein. It is a very clean blend and best yet it is delicious!!! I have tried the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the Chocolate Milk Shake and they both are well worth it. Thyrodrive I currently take each day to help with my Thyroid health and Bliss is the current fat burner/ appetite suppressant I'm taking.

This gem right here is my favorite drink mix. I have tried many a different types, but the price, taste and it does what it says it does! I take one scoop mid morning and one mid afternoon. It gives me  non-crash burst of energy and takes away any munchies I start to develop.

Now those are all my first choices, but I have tried many a more products, these products do work but they were replaced by something from above due to cost mostly.


The 3-1 is a form of a water pill, but at $29 a pop the $4 ones from Walmart Stole my heart. The CTS 360  kit does a good job with fat burning, appetite suppressant, toning and so on, but it is costly mix. I ended up buying certain ones and then slowly it was just too much, so I shopped around and found more bang for my buck. The Prime is supposed to be similar to the Super HD but I found it repulsive and $10 higher. The taste bothered me and it had an aftertaste too  and just BLAH.  The VCore Vantage makes yummy yummy protein but the Phormula -1 was better calorie wise and grams of protein. Level 3 was just another fat burner I liked after coming off the 360 system, although it was cheaper, the Bliss was still cheaper at that. The Spark, now I loved Spark and all the flavors it offered BUT were talking 14 servings for $28??? No. The Super HD is 30 Servings for $26.99, i'm no mathematician but I know that that is a hell of a deal.

Now that I have rambled for a bit, I hope that gives you some idea of where to go when looking for supplements. If you have any further questions, ask!

So back to the Cleanse, I have had good luck with this before..

I really enjoy doing the cleanse, it is a great way to reset yourself and feel better. Every Time I have done it I always sleep better, feel better and just function 10 times better!

I have learned that you definitely don't mix the fiber drink with cold water unless you want stick jello. EW and that the best thing to do is just not to overthink it! It is also great to do it in groups or with a partner. I am doing it with my fit friend Tatum, and three girls I work with. Now two of those three girls with out dairy and coffee will make for a scary Monday!  I will take pictures and measurements in the morning and then again on day 11 and will post them.

Have you done a cleanse? Whats your favorite supplements?


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  1. I'm all for using supplements and the occasional cleanse, but the amount of supplements on your list and some of the items listed are a little alarming to me. Truly, as long as your diet and exercise are on point and consistent, a multivitamin, some protein, and BCAAs should suffice for supplementation. Using water pills on a daily basis is extremely harmful to the liver and will prolonged use could shut your liver down. Products to "tone", carb blockers, and fat burners are essentially ineffective and again, exercise and a healthy diet should be the only fat burner you need. Just some thoughts - I understand not everyone does things the same way, but I hope your readers understand that they don't NEED the same amount of supplements that you are taking to achieve their fitness goals!