Friday, July 25, 2014


Hello hello all!

Okay so I know I haven't been consistent on here and have been gone randomly. I apologize for the up and down on here and everything. I've had a hard time staying on track with myself in real life also, but I have some good reasons and some half ass excuses.  And all of that will be changing, I will be back normally, and will be back on track with everything, starting next week. I've had a lot I wanted to say and share but for a lot of reasons I had to keep quiet.

So at my current job, I love it, I really do, but there are some issues in the management and a lot of us regular staff have been attempting to deal with it but the last few months have been miserable. We have all slowly started to trickle away. The hours are shifting and the business flow just isn't consistent like I need or want for a steady paycheck. When we moved to a new town, I began driving 25 minutes each way. I didn't mind the drive or anything. I wanted to stay there, but when all the staff issues began to arise, the drive became more and more unbearable. But I truly believe that when one door closes another opens up and sometimes sucks you in. 

I put myself and my resume out there and well a friend gave me a leg up and got me an interview at the company she works at. Well that led to an job offer that they presented to me, and it's a hell of a deal. It's an significant increase in pay, better benefits and a better environment. So as of Monday I will go to work for a new company in the sales and marketing department. It is a new job and the more I think about it, I was/am in need of a change. Which is also part of the reason for my new hair-do. New job, new life, new look- right? With a new job comes set hours, set lunch breaks, weekends and holidays off- oh and a gym membership! The new job will be 15 minutes away too so my drive will be cut in half.

Today will be my last day at my current job. Because of all over the place-ness at this job, my workouts took a hit, they either got shortened or missed. I hated it. Then I began Jillian's 30 Day Shred, I freaking love Jillian and the shred but of course stupid excuses reared their heads after a week and a half. My eating has stayed fine but, My niece made a surprise appearance for the last two weeks, so my attention has been on here, from zoo trips, shopping trips, kites, bubbles, play doh, movies and everything in between. I only see her a few times a year so I try to drop as much as I can to spend time with her. 

But I'm refocused, recharged and ready to go! With all my interview meetings and site tours I was back and forth with my new job and my old gym membership was up for renewal so I had to let it go, so now with now gym the last two weeks, I am so ready to go reconnect with the gym and fall in love with the weight rack and stair mill. I've planned my heart out to not be able to fail. Yes my last two attempts have went up in excuse smoke and died a hard death. But not again, I'm back on the toning train and results central is my next stop. I've used my macros and did a lot of meal planning and came up with some new meal plans that will be work friendly. I spent most of my morning yesterday food prepping and the afternoon reorganizing my closet and cleaning my house to get my surroundings as organized and ready to go as I am.

Oh yeah I did have to go celebrate a little bit in honor of my new job, it was a happy event for me. My stylist had an excellent special going on, 68$ for a cut color and brow wax, I couldn't resist! My mom and I had a girls day and we took advantage of some store specials and I got some new clothes for work and with some money I had stashed back I treated myself to a new pair of Nikes(on sale) and a pair of the old version of Beats By Dre, I got them off of Amazon new for over half off! I'm a sucker for sales.

Seven inches goneeee!

Now here is my new plans. I will be working Monday-Friday 8-5. I will be going to the gym each day after work to do my Mshell workouts and kick ass, hopefully! I also have planned out all my meals. I'm using the IIFYM system ( If It Fits Your Macros). I have Breakfast, snack 1, lunch, snack 2, Pre workout, post workout, dinner and bedtime. The pre, post and bedtime are all some protein drinks so only five meals. I do only meal prep on my lunches. I will each snack 1, lunch and snack 2 at work. I'm home in time to make my dinner without having to worry about hurrying. I will be following my meal plans strictly through the week and then I will have one cheat meal on the weekend and both Saturday and Sunday I will just track my macros and make sure I stay in my numbers. I will also be taking the Trim Ten program from Complete Nutrition. Ten days worth of capsules to help get me back on track. After those ten days I will go back to my normal supplements, probiotic, B12, a morning fat burner, fish oil, carb blockers when needed, water reducer and at bedtime a night time recovery pill. 

So here it all is, the reason I've been gone and lazy with posts was due to a new job. My workouts lacked because of me. But we are back on like donkey kong. Tatum is going to kick my ass anytime I even think about skipping or getting off track! 

Should we start a Diet Bet ladies??

Here is to new beginnings, new gear and new hair!


(Sorry this ended up being soooo long!)


  1. So happy for you, Jess! Love the hair and can't wait to hear about your first day at your new job! Also, I demand pictures of your new work clothes! Best of luck!!

  2. Congrats on the new job!! Love the new hair - good for you to treat yourself, you deserve it! You are going to do great!

    (Yes a DietBet sounds awesome! :))

    1. Thanks alot! and I hope to get a diet bet around sometime if theres enough interest!

  3. Yea, new job! Awhoo hoo! & the hair looks good, girl! :)

    Mandie ~

  4. Congrats on the new job. Getting a new job really makes a difference in a mind state. Before I graduated college I was working an entry level position that I started out loving but after year two ended up dreading work each day when the management become intolerable and unreasonable. Switching jobs made a world of difference!!! So congrats and I have to say, your hair looks AMAZING!!

    1. Thats what im hoping for, a refresh! and Thanks girl!

  5. So happy you are back! I read your blog daily on my lunch! I have missed your posts!!! I too am starting a new job and I just
    started back full swing again in my fitness journey...what I am saying there are many of us out there let's stick together and
    kick some fats ASS!!! #girlswholift#girlpower
    good luck with your new position and your new workout schedule, your post gave me a little more umph and excitment
    knowing that I am not the only one restarting and getting a new jump start! CHeers to fitness!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Awe I'm sorry I went missing! I promise to try harder to stay on track! Lets do it girl!!!!!! Good luck with your new job!!! Cheers!