Friday, June 20, 2014


Why the extra T? Thank God its Tan Friday.

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Its summer, we all want that natural sun kissed glow. But everyone is telling us don't go out in the sun, don't use tanning beds, self tanners streak ect. But you can tan anyway you want as long as you are being safe:

Limit your exposure

Check your moles/skin

Don't overdo it

Use sunscreen to some degree if in prolonged exposure

I'm a lover of all sorts of tanning. No matter the kind and over the years and because of school I've learned all about different products.

For at home tanning I like: 
Fake Bake Airbrush with a 360 degree nozzle for quick in a hurry tans or touch ups. Jergens Natural Glow daily lotion, goes on evenly and provides an instant color that gradually gets darker with use. 

There is one brand on here that I don't recommend and it is :

This lotion anytime I or anyone I know uses it it ends up orange and streaky. Just over all unimpressed with it.

Now for outdoor tanning, I like to mix my Tanning Bed Lotion with sunscreen. It gives me an instant color and does increase darkness. Never tan outside without any form of sunscreen, even if it is only SPF 5 or SPF 10.
For Indoor Tanning I really like
PlayBoy Boost Diamonds And Snookie Ultra Dark. Both have an instant bronzer so you can see where you've applied it, and they both have a firming aspect to them.

If you are looking for a Spray tan, I recommend Norvell brand.

 Mainly because I'm a certified Norvell Spray Tan Artist. But I really do enjoy their products which is why I went to their school. They have a 1 Hour Tan, which lets you shower after an hour, but you can keep it on as long as three hours. They also have a double dark color which is used for competitions because it is as dark as it goes.

Whats your favorite way to tan?

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  1. Thanks for guest posting for me today, Jessi!

    This post was really refreshing to see. I do tan in a bed (and outside), but I try to be as smart as possible about it. I keep an eye on my moles and have them checked professionally, and I don't let myself burn. I know tanning isn't the safest thing, but neither is smoking, drinking, etc. I don't do either of those, so for God's sake, JUST LET ME HAVE MY TAN. :)

    Happy Friday to you!